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Every Day Moments That Matter to Children, Teens, & Adult Children

Christian women learn the art of becoming a good parent

As A Mom, I Enjoyed Each Phase of My Children's Lives

The best years of my life were raising my children, and I wouldn't give those years up for anything! So many memories, and so much fun was had at each stage of my children's lives.

Every moment was cherished, and every last bit of love squeezed out of every second!

The importance of my role as mother became very clear early on, for I realized, my children were soaking up everything I shared with them like little sponges!

I remember thinking, mothering is my God-given opportunity to share the love of Christ with my children, so I better make the most of it! And I did.

I had the awesome pleasure of leading my two little kindergarteners to the Lord during a homeschool lesson on forgiveness!

I Used My Love of Laughter to Be a Good Mom

Yesterday, I went to the greenhouse to purchase some ferns for my front porch and I couldn't help but remember taking my young kids to the greenhouse with me, and I couldn't help remember how much they hated it!!

I had a very bad habit of taking FOREVER in greenhouses! My kids knew this about me and came to loathe shopping for plants and flowers.

Till this day, I'm not sure why I insisted on taking my kids to the greenhouse with me! Those poor little things!

Every Spring, I made my way to a hot, crowded, damp, never-ending flower producing place, with my kids and then took my good ole time picking out flowers.

After a while my kids would get bored and frustrated. Then they would poke me and tease me until I had enough and we would end up laughing, and then leaving, just like they wanted.

Please note, we laughed at the craziness of it all. There was no shouting or screaming.

Now, as I'm walking into the greenhouse...all those memories flood my heart.

I treasure those times we were together. They were little moments in the midst of a very busy day, or week, and yes, I probably did take too long in the greenhouse, but we turned a frustrating moment into a special moment that bonded us together.

Both of my children are now adults, sniff, but you know what they have told me? Whenever they walk into a greenhouse, they think of... me, their mom, and all the fun times we had shopping for flowers together. SMILE

Isn't that amazing? They remember the greenhouse being fun! How did that happen?

As a Mom, I Noticed Every Moment Mattered

It's funny, but I didn't know we were creating memories while we were browsing flowers in the greenhouse so long ago now --but we were!

We live out our lives every day and don't consider how each moment builds upon another. We were having fun together, and we didn't even know it because it came so naturally.

Are you incorporating a little bit of fun into your busy schedule? It's important we make this a priority. The idea of "fun" will get lost in the shuffle of a busy schedule if this isn't put at the top of the list.

Special Moments Glued Us Together as a Family

Last night, while working out at the local gym, I witnessed a young family making memories.

I was seated on a machine next to a window where I could watch people entering and leaving the mall's main entrance, which was located next door.

Some strange movement caught my attention and I turned to see a young girl, maybe 10 years-old, dancing in the parking lot by her vehicle.

A woman suddenly appeared next to the dancing girl, and she was holding the hand of a two-year old little girl. This little two-year old girl started to mimic her older sister immediately, and before you knew it, the two of them were doing the Twist in the parking lot.

The woman, whom I gathered to be the mom, took a few steps towards the mall and tugged on the little two-year old girl's hand and danced a little herself. They were excited to be going to the mall together, and expressed their happiness by way of acting goofy.

Out from behind the mini-van came a man and a 15-year old boy. Apparently from the same family. They spoke a few words to each other, then high-tailed it to the mall's entrance. They were racing each other! They too, were excited to be spending time together as a family.

Oh my goodness, this family was having SO much fun together!

I watched them enter the mall together, and they were happy. This dancing, racing family, knew how to let their hair down and have fun, and all they were doing was going to the mall together on a Friday night!

Little Actions I Did for my Kids Made a Big Difference

You know? It's the little things like this that make the difference in making good memories.

We don't always have to manufacture some great adventure or plan a huge vacation, or even put on a big party to bless or connect with our kids. It's the every day moments that matter most.

When the kids can see mom having fun in the midst of a busy schedule, or watch mom laugh at mistakes instead of getting annoyed, or watch mom dance with them in the mall parking lot, it makes all the difference to them.

We Loved Spending Time Together

My kids still bring up things from their childhood and teen years that we still laugh about. Maybe it was something I did to embarrass them on accident? Or a funny blunder that was said? Whatever it was, it was funny, and it left a lasting impression on them.

My daughter has a one-year old and they are already having fun together!! They laugh and play, and she is teaching him to be silly. Isn't that cute? She wants to have fun with her kids too!

But, that isn't the greatest thing! What's awesome, is that my daughter wants to teach her little one-year old son God's ways as well. She wants to fulfill her God-given opportunity to mother her child.

Are you ready to make lasting memories with your children? Moments that last a lifetime? And will be cherished forever?

Whether you are a parent, guardian, or big brother or sister, below are ways to make every day moments matter with your children, teenagers, or adult children.

Laugh, love, and live!


15 Moments That Matter Most To Kids

  1. When we tell them how special they are.

  2. When we respond in love instead of shouting.

  3. When we refrain from saying “NO” all the time, but listen to the reason behind the request.

  4. When we listen to their stories, dreams, and ideas.

  5. When we share funny things that happened in our life as a child.

  6. When we reminisce of the good times.

  7. When we rehearse their birth story.

  8. When we love their father - a children's glory is their father (Proverbs 17:6).

  9. When we respect them - they are little people with their own likes and dislikes.

  10. When we dance and be silly with them.

  11. When we find out what they are interested in and help them learn more about the subject.

  12. When we teach them to read their Bibles at a young age.

  13. When we talk of God's ways in the home.

  14. When we discipline them right away (Proverbs 13:24).

  15. When we hug them just because we love them.

15 Moments That Matter Most To Teenagers

  1. When we tell them they are important to us.

  2. When we are available to hear about their day.

  3. When we ask questions and stay engaged.

  4. When we ignore moodiness and don't take it personally.

  5. When we have "the talk" with them.

  6. When we share stories of when we were their age.

  7. When we hug them A-LOT. They need affirmation of our love.

  8. When we offer encouragement.

  9. When we help them study.

  10. When we make fun snacks for them after school.

  11. When we take them out for fun shopping days.

  12. When we stay engaged with school activities and know their friends.

  13. When we faithfully take them to church.

  14. When we encourage high moral standards. Teens need and appreciate boundaries.

  15. When they see us reading our Bible.

15 Moments That Matter Most to Adult Children

  1. When they hear us bragging about them.

  2. When they know you are praying for them.

  3. When we listen to their stories about work and life.

  4. When we go out for coffee with them.

  5. When we make their favorite meal and invite them over.

  6. When we listen to their dreams and ideas without offering advice.

  7. When we speak well of their father.

  8. When we remind them of God's ways.

  9. When we encourage faithful attendance to church.

  10. When we uphold moral values.

  11. When we visit their home and look at their projects.

  12. When we acknowledge their birthday.

  13. When we offer to help them in any way and follow through.

  14. When we tell them we love them and support them.

  15. When we tell them we are proud of who they have become.

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