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Prayers for grown daughter

Prayers for an Adult Daughter

Specific Prayers for a Grown Daughter's Life

The Unique and Sacred Relationship Between a Mother and Daughter

There is no bond quite like that between a mother and daughter. The Lord has created a special connection between the little girl and her mother, but there may be times when this bond is not as strong as it should be. However, through prayer and the pursuit of wisdom from God, we can work to strengthen and mend this relationship. Scripture reminds us to humbly seek God's help and guidance, and to trust in Him. Let us come together and pray for the restoration of love and friendship between you and your grown daughter, and for God's purposes to be fulfilled in her life.

Finding Peace Through Prayer

As a mother or guardian, you can help your adult daughter find peace with God as we come together in prayer. Our Heavenly Father lovingly hears the cry of a mother's heart and sees our desperation. We have the example of Hagar, a desperate mother in the desert, pleading for her son's life. God saw Hagar and heard her prayer. Out of His mercy, He moved on behalf of her desperate plea to save her son from death. Know that God can move on your behalf as well.

God Sees and Hears All

God the Father sees and knows all things, even before we speak the words, but He desires for us to come to Him in faith, to ask, and to receive from Him with a thankful heart. May your heart be blessed as you read the anointed prayers below.

Let's Pray

Read and pray the following prayers for your adult children and then put your hope and trust in the Lord.

"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer."

Romans 12:12

1. Prayer to Save My Daughter's Life from Destruction and Wounds of the Heart.

Father in Heaven,


My daughter is sinning in her heart and she is blinded to the repercussions these actions will bring on her life. In Your mercy, would you apprehend her? Would you somehow speak to her and show her wisdom? Please draw my daughter unto You that she may be saved from further destruction and hurts of the heart.

I come to You out of desperation asking for mercy on my daughter's life. Please be merciful. Send someone that can speak into her life and help her find the right path again.

May Your Spirit draw her into Your presence in a powerful way, causing her to turn to You with her whole heart. Cause her to see Your saving grace and power. Please save her from the clutches of the enemy.


In Your Precious Name, Amen.


2. Prayer to Restore Friendship and Love Within the Mother and Daughter Relationship.

 Heavenly Father, 


My heart is grieved over the communication loss with my daughter and I need Your loving comfort and guidance on this matter. You are aware of my longing to be apart of my daughter's life. Please give me wisdom to know how I should reach out to her. She keeps pushing me away when I want to be close so I need You to speak to my spirit on how to handle the situation. Open my understanding on the matter and help me see the areas in my own life that may be the issue.

Father, as I lay this situation down before Your throne, I pray that even now You will begin a healing process within both of our hearts. Mend wounds and help us forgive past hurts. Let this be a new beginning for both of us. Restore our mother and daughter bond and renew the desire to share our lives together.

Lord, I commit this all into Your hands and will trust in You to move in the situation. May I rest in knowing that You have heard my prayer and may I find peace in my heart while I wait for there to be a change.


In Your Precious Name, Amen.

3. Prayer to Watch Over My Grown Daughter With Tender Care and a Loving Eye.


Father in Heaven,


Please watch over my precious daughter as she faces difficult challenges in her life today! Her choices have caused her grief and I'm concerned for her well being. May she come to acknowledge You as her Savior and respond to Your presence so she can experience all the blessings of being a Christian. 

Open her spiritual eyes so she can see the peace and love You offer to those who trust and believe in You. Oh Father, have mercy on my little girl and draw her unto You today! Please keep her close to You and protect her from harm.

In Your Precious Name, Amen.

4. Prayer for My Adult Daughter to Find God's Purpose for Her Life, Sense of Direction and Fulfillment.

Father in Heaven,

You created my daughter and know how she thinks and You alone can reach her in the depths of her being. My prayer for her today, is that You will begin to move afresh deep within her spirit and speak to her heart about Your purpose and calling. Give her a sense of direction and guide her steps as she turns to You for help.

She has such potential and I don't want to see her miss out on her true purpose. Protect her from outside influence that may misguide her life. May she understand how important it is to form a relationship with You and seek You for wisdom and counsel.

I pray to this end, that she may form a strong bond with You, and be led by Your loving hand.

In Your Precious Name, Amen.

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