Prayers for Protection,
Health &

Under the Shadow of Your Wings

Father in Heaven,


I give all thanks and praise to You as my Sovereign Lord God. I believe in You and put all my hope in You. There is no other place I would rather be then in the palm of Your hand and under the shadow of Your wings. You are my refuge and my God and my strong tower of safety. Therefore I run to You in this time of need. May I be counted among those who believe on You and among those who put their complete trust in You. I proclaim You are the Master of my life. Therefore I submit myself to You and willingly place myself under Your care. Your word says that no harm will overtake me and no illness will come near my home if I take refuge in You.


Even so Lord, we have seen our loved ones overtaken by illnesses, but we know You are good, and we have complete trust that you make no mistakes. I am devoted to You and I know You are faithful. Your word says that You will deliver me and protect me; When I call out to You, You will hear me and answer me in my time of trouble. What other God is like You? You promise to satisfy those who put their trust in You with long life and You will let us see Your salvation. I place myself into your hands this day, I commit my loved ones to You and trust that Your purposes would be fulfilled in each of their lives.

In Your precious name,


Always There

Father in Heaven,

Thank you Father, that we can come to You in our time of need. Thank You for hearing us from Your holy hill and turning your ear towards us. You are a merciful, loving God and there is no one else like You. All of our hope and trust is in You because You have proven Yourself faithful to us over and over again.

Father, we pray for Your protection today as we go about our busy lives, each of us going our different ways. There is a certain assurance we have knowing You are always watching over us and for that we are thankful. Your word tells us that You are there when we rise in the morning and when we lay on our beds in the evening. Your presence is always with us. There is no where we can go to escape Your presence.

Truly thankful are we for Your ever abiding presence. It's keep us true. Thank You Lord Jesus.

We pray now that You would continue to look upon us and shelter us from harm, hedging us about with Your strong wings of love and providing protection in way of health and safe keeping. 

As we drive, may You go before and be behind us. As we walk and work among the community, be mindful of us and have your hand upon us. When we come together and rest in our homes, may You be there in our midst. Always there Father.

May You be blessed to observe us walking and talking uprightly before You, carefully considering our behavior.

Thank You for Your love towards us and may You always rejoice over us with singing.

Cover us with Your protection today and always we pray,

In Your Precious Name,


On This Day



On this day, would You cover us with Your heavenly protection, forming a hedge of protection around us, that contains us safely inside. 

O Lord, be mindful of us today and watch over us. May we be careful to walk uprightly before You, knowing we serve a Living God who can see our every action.

Lord Your eyes are on the upright and You watch over those that fear Your name. May I be found to have a pure heart before You on this day, qualifying me for Your heavenly protection.

I know You see all, and know all, and everything is in Your hands. Therefore I completely trust in You, my God, in Whom I serve.

Go before me on this day, and meet with me, bless me, encourage me in my walk with You. May I in turn be a blessing to my family and friends, because of Your goodness that overflows from me.

Father, please cover my loved ones as well, and watch over them on this day. Reveal Your presence to them today, and may they recognize Your hand of protection upon them as well, and bless Your name.

Thank You for drawing close to me while I pray this morning.

Go with me now and always.

In Your Precious Name,


Needed Protection & Covering

Father in Heaven,

My friend is in need of You this morning. 


She is facing surgery and needs to feel You near.

Give her peace, settle her, form a hedge of protection about her, and shield her from any harm.

Allow Your Spirit to be an ever present help to the doctors and nurses, giving them wisdom with each decision.

Lord, we trust that You will allow the surgery to go well, and they will remove all of the disease.

Bring complete healing to her body, restore her health 100%.

May there be no issue that arises, allowing her to return home today.

Let Your Spirit cover her now; bring a gentle awareness that You are with her.

We commit this to You,

In Your Precious Name,


A Friend Facing Surgery

Father in Heaven,

A friend of mine is having surgery tomorrow and they are on my heart and in my thoughts today. I wanted to take a moment to lift them up to You, and to prayerfully place them into Your loving care.

As they emotionally and physically prepare for this procedure tomorrow, I ask that You would surround them with Your loving kindness and crown them with the blessing of Your protection. May You give them peace beyond measure and comfort beyond words. Fill them with Your healing touch even before the surgery begins, and let Your Spirit be at work within their body even now, ministering life and goodness.

Father, this friend is precious to me and I commit them to Your care.

May Your spirit guide the surgeons, and any other staff members that may be apart of this procedure tomorrow. 

We commit all of this to You, and in Your Precious Name,


A Place of Peace and Safety



on this day, I pray, that Your mercy would be extended towards our family and friends and loved ones. May you keep us close and cover us with your wings of protection. Build up walls around our homes and allow us to dwell safely inside.


Help us to be mindful to take precautions within our homes, and as we do, bless our home with peace and safety. If we must leave, for any need, we pray that your hand would gently lead us and guide our feet on the safest path. Returning home to a place full of blessing because we are under Your tender care.


Build us up in faith. May we guard our hearts and our minds against fear and completely trust You for our well being.

We will trust in You. In Your Precious Name,