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prayers for healing and comfort

Pray for Comfort and Healing from Above



1. A Prayer of Hope and Healing...

Heavenly Father,


I give You all glory and honor and praise! For You have helped me in my hour of need! There is no one else I would rather turn to, but You, O Lord.

My hope is in You, and there it will stay. For I know You are aware of my pressing needs! 


As I look to You, as I give my cares to You, and lay my burdens at your feet, I trust that You will meet me accordingly.

For You are my strong tower of refuge, my safe place of hiding, my God, and my deliverer!

My healing is in Your hands.


Allow this time I suffer not be wasted, but work in my heart, O Lord, as You seem fit.

If need be, let long lasting issues surface that they may be dealt with. Let me release those grudges against people who have done me wrong, so I could be free.


Free me of inner turmoil and grief and let healing flow.

Let forgiveness wash over me and flow through my spirit right now, causing me to be a new person, as I learn to forgive and let go.

You alone are my strength, O God. My hope is in YOU, not any person.

People make mistakes, but YOU make NO mistakes.

You allow situations to come about to bring us onto perfection. Therefore, I accept my current suffering right now and trust You to work in me to Your good pleasure.

Let Your Spirit rise up within me! Let me sing of Your goodness and praise Your name!

Let me rejoice instead of murmuring about my current state!

As I seek healing in the inner chamber of my heart, by praising You, I pray that You would bring about a physical healing in my body as well.

I will turn my focus to You and stop speaking of my sufferings! Rejoicing in that fact that You love me and want to bring a change in me, even allowing my current pain to bring about a new me.

I will confess Your name over all hurts, griefs, and pain - whatever it may be. You are the Author of it all!

Praise You for Your goodness Lord, I accept my lot this day and thank You.

A merry heart does good like a medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones, so I will rejoice! I will sing! I will make merry in my heart unto You, O Lord!

Let Your spirit rise up within me as I set about to place my complete hope and trust in You!

In Your Precious Name,


2. A Prayer for God's Healing Rivers to Flow...

Heavenly Father,

Oh Lord come, please come and bring a wave of your healing power, and flow through me like a river. Cleansing my heart, soul, and body of any illness, disease, or hurt, and let your healing flow.

Restore unto me not only my salvation, but also a glowing countenance, that shows forth a rejoicing spirit because I know I serve a Living God who sees me and hears my prayers.

May my joy be in the fact that my life does not go unnoticed by you, but that you understand each and every ounce of pain I feel, or hurt I hold close.

May my faith be at work today as I ask You to touch me.

I know You can do anything. You are mighty and able, and nothing is too hard for You.

Since I walk in this acknowledgement, I cast my cares, and all my concerns over to You, trusting in a faithful God that will answer my prayers in His perfect time.

Going forward today, I pray, that You would give me grace to endure the pain, and kindness when dealing with others who are helping me, and a resolve in my spirit to help me press ahead, with hope for an expected end.

Thank You Jesus, for hearing my prayer today,

In Your Precious Name,


3. Prayer Asking God to Heal Diseases...

Heavenly Father,


There is no place I would rather be but in Your will, for there dwells my safe keeping. I humbly accept the things You have brought my way as coming directly from Your throne, for my good.


You want to see me be victorious in this life and rise above all situations, thereby, glorifying You, my God, in Whom I serve.


Father, help me on this day. Help me to rise above my pain to a higher level of acceptance, trusting You completely.


If it is Your will, and it seems fitting for You, I pray that You would send forth Your Word and heal my disease. That Your healing power would touch my entire being and fill me with Your goodness.


I understand You call us to different kinds of suffering, and I accept this. Your hope is that we turn to You in our time of need, so I am coming to You now.


Your hope is that we rise above our pain, our suffering, our diseases, and our tears to a holy acceptance. Only then can You meet with us, and only then can we find true comfort. 


May we learn this lesson quickly in the midst of our years.


Father, thank You for another day added to my life. This is a gift from You. 


May I honor You on this day. May I bring glory to Your name. May I remember how You have met with me before, and trust You for my future.


Again, I ask Lord, please touch my mind, soul and body, and heal me of this disease as I turn to You this day.


In Your Precious Name,



4. Prayer for God to Comfort the Sick...


You are full of mercy and compassion. Your faithfulness is new every morning, blessing those You love with grace upon grace. Giving strength to those who have nothing left to give.

You give hope to those who have lost their vision. You heal those who are broken, and You bless all who call upon Your name.

How great You are Father! How wonderful are Your ways! May we always seek Your mercy and draw great joy from Your faithfulness everyday! Rising early to enjoy quiet moments with You, where we can hear You speak; drawing strength and comfort from Your presence.

Oh consider Lord! Those who are broken! Father I pray that You would consider their pain, their grief and their sorrow of heart. Visit them today. Surround them with Your gentleness. Softly touch their spirit, lifting them with a sweet reminder that You are aware of them and what concerns them.


We commit their suffering to You right now, and ask You to touch them in a mighty way. Trusting You to move as You seem fit.


With love and respect for Your Holy Name, we say,


5. Prayer for God to Comfort Hurting Hearts and Wounded Spirits...

Father in Heaven,


We come to You today, with a heaviness that only You can take away. Our hearts break for friends who lost a loved one recently, and we want to lift them up to You. May You be mindful of them today, and bless them with the comfort of Your presence. When they think upon their loved one, and hurt floods their heart, please be near them with comfort.  Embrace them in Your arms and let them know You care.


Lord, let this sorrow they face today, be what draws them closer to You. May they come to find rest and comfort in Your presence, as they commit their sorrow to You.


Go before them today, guide them, protect their minds from falling into despair, and let them find Your rest. Be there with the family, as they come together, and let their fellowship be sweet, as they remember the good times.


May You meet with everyone at the funeral service, with the Pastor who is officiating, and with any music, or eulogy’s given. Be present, Oh Lord, and draw friends and loved ones unto You, in a richer, fuller way, through this new grief.


We love You, Lord, and we lift our plea up to You today, with a heartfelt cry for their pain, and ask You to touch our friends in a special way like only You can.


Bless You Lord.


In Your precious name,



6. Prayer Asking God to Heal the Brokenhearted...


We come before You on this new day, with a softness in our hearts towards Your ways, and towards Your character. You are a loving God who will not forsake those who call on You, for You hear us when we call out to You and answer us from Your holy hill where You reside.

Please lean Your ear to this prayer prayer as we lift up those who are in need of comfort; those who have been facing a hard time and are near despair.

There is no one like You oh God, and we know that You can move within their lives, even within their day today, and bless them with Your loving kindnesses. Crown them with Your goodness, as we seek You on their behalf.

Honor our prayer this morning we pray, meet them in their need and direct them to those who could be of help to them, please show them their next step because they are too downhearted to perceive what to do next.

Father, we trust that Your will and purposes would be done in each situation as it is done in heaven, give them what they need for today, allow them to feel and sense Your Holy Spirit with them. Be their Counselor, and divinely light their way.

We commit those who are brokenhearted to You, knowing You are near to them, and aware of their hurts and sufferings. Please deliver them if it is Your will, and offer them comfort like only Your Holy Spirit can give.

Trusting You is hard to do when we can't see the next step, and despair can blind us, so we pray that You would light their way and go before them this day.

Take them by the hand Lord, surround them with Your love, bless and encourage them with Your presence.

In Your Precious Name,


7. Prayer Asking God to Bring Relief to a Sickness...

Heavenly Father,


There is peace when we follow Your ways. Fullness of joy can be ours, if we trust in You. When the heart hurts, it is hard to grasp a hold of these concepts, but Lord, please break through!

Console those that hurt today, and surround them with loving arms. May they call upon You in their hour of need, and find immediate peace and relief.

Embrace them with Your tender care. Help them know they are loved through the gentle touch of Your Spirit.

Ease their grief of heart, sympathize with them today, and bestow mercies towards them.


Lord, bring them into fullness of joy as they call upon Your name.


Thank You Father,



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