An Etsy Shop was opened in March 2020 to help fund the costs of the ministry at My Sun & Shade. The name of the shop is Turquoise + Navy Blue and offers beachy, coastal, nautical themed accents for the home.


Since opening the Etsy Shop I have found out you get 40 FREE listings when you set up your Etsy shop for the first time - BUT only if you go through someone else's affiliate link. If you are interested in opening up your own Etsy Shop and getting 40 FREE listings right off the bat, perhaps you would like to open it through my link below:

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Please keep in mind that you will need to open your shop directly from my referral link in order for you and me to receive the free listings. If you navigate away from the link or switch browsers, your new shop will not be registered as coming directly from my invite.

Click the banner below to shop our Turquoise + Navy Blue products on Etsy or visit our Shop on My Sun & Shade to view the product line.

Turq Navy Blue banner.jpg