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The Read-Pray-Sing Blog Podcasts

My Sun & Shade Ministries

Easy-Listening Podcasts for Busy Women

The Founder has transformed her blog posts and stories into delightful, easy-listening podcasts that are perfect for busy women on-the-go or relaxing at home.

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Finding Joy in the Journey

Recording Blog Posts into Podcasts: A Fun and Nostalgic Experience!

As I record my blog posts into podcasts, my inner child is having a blast! I hope my listeners enjoy them as much as I do. When I was young, I spent countless hours playing with Barbie dolls and recording myself on a little black tape recorder, pretending to be a radio talk show host. I would interview my siblings, and we would all laugh until our sides hurt.

As my own children grew up, I passed on my love of recording to them. It's amazing how much joy a simple tape recorder can bring!

Though my intention in sharing these podcast episodes is not to be silly, my personality lends itself to being enthusiastic. I hope to inspire others with examples of spiritual growth and personal victories. If you're open to feeling inspired, then sit back, click play, and listen away!


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