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Read-Pray-Sing Blog Podcasts

My Sun & Shade Ministries

On a mission of sharing the good things the Lord is doing in my life as a pastor's wife, blogger, Etsy seller, grandma, and song writer. Join me as I share the latest and greatest blog posts, testimonies, personal stories, prayers, and songs!

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The Latest and Greatest Podcast Episodes

The inner child within me is having a great time recording blog posts into podcasts! LOL 🤗 I hope they are a blessing to my listeners! I'm sure I probably spent half of my child hood playing Barbie's, and the other half of my childhood recording myself on my little black tape recorder.

My favorite thing to do was pretend I was a radio talk show host and interview my sisters and brother. They would pretend to be different characters and we would spend so much of the time laughing.

Then, when my kids were the same age as I was, I gave them a tape recorder, and the giggles and silliness started all over again with the next generation!

My intention in sharing podcast episodes is not to be silly, but to portray my sincere desire to be the best daughter of the King I could possibly be with examples of spiritual development and personal victories.

Just warning ya, my personality lends itself to being very enthusiastic, and my stories and testimonies are intended to inspire! So, if you are open to getting inspired, then, sit back, click play, and listen away! 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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