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Inspirational prayers to start the day

Prayers for Today

Uplifting Prayers to Brighten Your Day

Discovering a Beautiful Life 

At My Sun & Shade Ministries, our mission is to encourage and instruct individuals to seek Jesus for guidance and direction through prayer, resulting in a fulfilling life. Every day, we offer sincere and heartfelt prayers, asking the Lord for wisdom and guidance in making the right decisions. Additionally, we provide prayers for healing and comfort through God's Word, protection through Christ, and guidance for adult children to find their path to Christ. We value the prayer requests we receive from our community and make every effort to respond to each one. Our ultimate goal is to assist others in learning to depend on Jesus for daily guidance, starting from today.

Begin your day with positivity and a fresh outlook. Read our anointed prayers and ask God to bless you with success and heavenly blessings. If you need any prayer support, please submit your prayer request and we will gladly assist you.

Scripture Prayer Pillows

1. Living a Life That Pleases God and Brings Him Glory: A Prayer for Every Day...

Father in Heaven,


Soften my heart and change me O Lord, I want to be pleasing in Your sight. May what I say and do be acceptable unto You. Give me the grace each day to offer unto You the sacrifices of righteousness. In the morning may I find time to devote to You; spend time with You and learn of You. When I take a break in the afternoon, may I be mindful of You and think upon Your ways; consider how I am behaving and praise You for setting me on a clear path of righteousness. And in the evening Lord when I think back upon my day, may my mouth be filled with praises and thanksgiving for how You have met me and blessed my day.


Lord I know that You see me and aware of everything I do, may I keep this in mind as I walk about my day and remember that every deed is getting recorded in the Book of Life. Thank You for putting this truth into my heart for it brings life to me whenever it is recalled.


As I set my feet down upon a path today, may You bless my steps and go before me and lead me all day long. Blessing my words, my thoughts, my projects and the ones I come in contact with. May your Holy Spirit brighten my countenance so that others are aware that I am a follower of You.


Thank You Jesus for drawing me unto You, for causing me to see how much You love me. Thank You for your Word which brings life, peace, wisdom and guidance. Continue to meet with me O Lord as I commit to spending more time with You. In your precious name, Amen.

2. A Prayer to Receive More of God's Spirit Today in Our Lives

Father in Heaven,


Thank You for this good day that You have blessed me with. May I walk according to wisdom. and may I recall Your ways throughout the day. May I draw strength from Your divine hand and not from my own strength which would be futile. Please bless me on this new day and prosper me according to your will. Cause me to rise above my problems; my hands to be productive;  my words to be kind and wise, and my heart to be compassionate to those in need. Give me of the fruit of my hands Lord and let my works be glorifying unto You.


Go before me at work, while I make dinner, when I listen to my families stories of their day and when I sit to rest in the evening. Let your spirit be within me as I walk in grace, for I do not want to miss one day abiding with you. My life on earth is short, like everyone else’s, and we do not know when our journey on earth is over. May I make the most of each day You give me. Help me Lord, for I want to leave a legacy of abiding with You behind for my children and grandchildren. Therefore I plant seeds in the spirit today that I may reap rewards in the future.


Oh, how I want to plant seeds of thankfulness and joyfulness within the hearts of my family! So throughout the day today I will recall your goodness to me Lord and remind myself that You are Father of all. Just like a natural father loves his child, You love me and want the very best for me.


Thank You Lord Jesus, be with me now as I start my day, Amen.

Prayer Cards for Adult children (1).png

Personalized Prayer Cards

Anointed Prayer Card Sets to Aid Mothers and Grandmothers Who are Praying for their Adult Children and Grandchildren

Do you want to have a positive impact on your adult child's life? Consider using our 7 Anointed Prayer Cards to help you pray for your grown kids daily.  Pray for their future, career, spouse, their salvation, and for their daily decision-making process. You can personalize each card with your grown son or daughter's name, and specifically pray to the Lord each day for each need, and faithfully make this practice a part of your daily routine.


2. A Prayer to Follow God's Will Today...


As your daughter, I am coming to You today. I need Your help to remain calm and peaceful in the midst of a crazy life. Please help me to control my attitude because I am so tired and there is so much to do.  Let Your strength clothe me as I look to You this day. Help me to embrace each difficulty and each turn of events that may come, with grace - allowing Your presence to flow from me.


Help me watch my words, especially to my loved ones. Please help me have patience with them, allowing kindness to be at the root of our interactions.

And Father, as I prepare myself for this new day, I ask that You would endow wisdom to me and allow me to have understanding of situations that may pop up and and try to steal our peace. Please let Your character reign in me at that time.


Allow Your love to fill me and this home as we prepare for our company, as we prepare for our trip tomorrow, and as we prepare for Mid-Week Prayer Service tonight. Lord, let our company feel your peace and presence in this home for You have written Your name here. May they be blessed and refreshed in our home.


Lord, allow your anointing to flow in tonight's service that we may feel uplifted and strengthened to hear Your word taught once again.


And Lord, I pray, that as I get ready for my doctor's appointment this morning, I ask that You would allow me to articulate my issues carefully and help the doctor have wisdom in directing the next course of action.

Father, I pray that You would help all of us go about our day at work with a thankful heart, fill us with happiness and contentment in our jobs, and please pour out grace to our adult children today as they are finishing their classes before the end of the semester. We give thanks to You this day on how You have helped them thus far, we are so proud of their accomplishments and we look forward to seeing them graduate this weekend.

Lord, go before us now, lead our way, watch over each step we take and may we come together in the evening feeling prepared but not overwhelmed, for Your grace is available, we need only to accept it.


I give You this day. In Your Precious Name, Amen.​

3. A Prayer for Responding with Grace and Kindness to Everyone Today...



My heart is stressed this morning as I come to You; I need Your peace to fill me and settle me. My time right now, I give to You. I've set this time aside to read Your word and to separate myself from the busyness of life. A lot is going on in our family and I'm being pulled in many directions. Therefore, I come to You and ask that You would lead me this day, that You would guide my steps, each choice I make, each thought I have, where I walk, and what I talk about.

Father please give me grace to respond correctly to those in my household who are under stress as well. Allowing my words to flow with grace and kindness. May I not jump to conclusions, but consider all sides of situations, and may I be ready to forgive when necessary.

"Your word is a lamp to our feet and a light unto our path". Therefore, I search Your word this morning for direction as I start this new day. Please light my way through Your spirit and confirm my steps as I look to You.

Meet, I pray, while all of us go our separate ways, descend with grace upon us, that we might be a light and a testimony of Your goodness inside our homes, at our jobs, and in the community abroad.

Help me to focus on others more than I focus on myself because that brings a blessing upon our lives. It promotes well-being, a happy heart, and health to our bones. 

Thank you for all that You have done in my life and in the lives of my loved ones. I know You are working for my good in every circumstance that comes my way, and I thank You. 

Please go before me now and lead my way, that I may have peace.

Bless You Lord Jesus, I love You.

In Your Precious Name, Amen.

4. A Prayer for Divine Guidance Throughout the Day...

Heavenly Father,

Giving You all glory today, and counting it all joy to follow You, I come before Your heavenly throne now, to acknowledge You as the Great Shepherd of my life, for I know that only peace will come into my heart, as I settle myself , letting You take the lead.

There is nothing worth doing on this earth, if YOU haven't purposed it for my life. What safety there is in trusting You to lead me! Please help me to rest in this thought of letting YOU choose for me. My heart wants to do so many things today, and they are all good, but You want me to do ONLY the thing YOU purposed for me to do today.

Father, as I seek to do YOUR will for my life today, and look to You for the direction my steps should take, I pray that patience would have its perfect work in me. 

May I continue to "run my race", as I patiently wait for the fulfillment of desires to come. Trusting and knowing that You, my Great Shepherd see and know all things, and will lead me in the way I should go in Your perfect time.

I place my complete trust in You on this new day, this gift from God, and will patiently wait for You to move on my behalf.