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14 Prayer Prompts 
for Busy Moms 

how can someone find peace during busy days?

Busy moms are one group of people who are constantly on the go and could benefit from renewing their inner grace and beauty through quietness and prayer. 

  1. Pray for grace to be kind towards the family during long, busy days. 

  2. Ask the Lord to give strength while working through the tasks and errands of the day. 

  3. Ask the Lord for wisdom on what tasks really need to be done and what can wait for another day.

  4. Ask the Lord for strength to get up in the morning and pray for the family, and pray for ways to be more efficient during the day.

  5. Pray the Lord gives wisdom in raising and training the children in His ways.

  6. Ask the Lord for discipline in being faithful to attend church services in spite of a busy schedule. (We will not only find spiritual strength and encouragement from the church services, but encouragement from other Christians.)

  7. Ask the Lord for wisdom and understanding on how to run a household and manage time.

  8. Ask the Lord for ways to find time alone, to renew energy and well-being.

  9. Ask the Lord for creativity in planning healthy, fun meals that do not take up too much time.

  10. Pray the Lord allows us as mothers to be a blessing to the family and not one that tears her family down.

  11. Ask the Lord for an awareness of the behavior we exude during stressful days and how it is effecting the family.

  12. Pray the Lord allows us as mothers to be a Godly influence on her children, showing composure instead of frustration when things don't go as planned.

  13. Pray the Lord shines His light on our home and our family.

  14. Give the Lord thanks for all the ways He met throughout the busy day.

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It is important we read and pray God's word daily.
His Holy Spirit will teach us many things
about God and about ourselves as we think
upon His Word day and night.
Joshua 1:8

becoming my best self through christ who gives me strength, chaning outlook in life, having a better mindset for future

In order to fulfill God's purpose for my life, I'm reminding myself of these 11 Tips to Becoming My Best Self in Christ and setting them as a priority. 

Have a new mindset in 2023 with me!

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