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Prayer Prompts for Busy Moms

Successful Moms Pray for Grace Every Day


Being a successful mom requires fueling your day with grace and strength from above. Only then can you navigate life's demands with love in everything you say and do.

Here are some prayer prompts to help you stay centered and connected with God throughout your busy days. Print them out and keep them close by your bedside, folded in your purse, or planner for a quick review between errands or meetings. Review the list often and pray over each prompt for spiritual support.

May God bless you with his divine grace so that you may be the best mother to your beloved children.

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14 Prayer Prompts

  • Ask for grace to be kind towards your family throughout long, busy days.

  • Pray for the strength to tackle the day's tasks and errands.

  • Seek wisdom from the Lord regarding what tasks need to be done and what can wait for another day.

  • Pray for strength to wake up in the morning and spend time in prayer for your family, and for ways to be more efficient during the day.

  • Ask for the Lord's wisdom in raising and training your children in His ways.

  • Pray for discipline to attend church services in spite of a busy schedule, and to find spiritual strength and encouragement from other Christians.

  • Ask for wisdom and understanding on how to run a household and manage your time.

  • Seek ways to find time alone to renew your energy and well-being.

  • Ask for creativity in planning healthy, fun meals that do not take up too much time.

  • Pray that you may be a blessing to your family and not one that tears them down.

  • Seek an awareness of the behavior you exhibit during stressful days and how it affects your family.

  • Pray that you may be a godly influence on your children, showing composure instead of frustration when things don't go as planned.

  • Ask the Lord to shine His light on your home and your family.

  • Give thanks to the Lord for all the ways He has met you throughout the busy day.

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