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How to become a good Christian woman

Best Habits for Women of Faith Growth and Happiness

Steps to Live a Happy Life through
Personal Growth and Spiritual Development

Good Habit Number One: Your Relationship with God

In life, we all have an endless list of aspirations and objectives. However, sometimes it's necessary to put everything aside and focus on what really matters. For me, it is following God's calling. As a new grandmother, I prioritize being the best one I can be. (See pictures) Similarly, as a pastor's wife, I strive to be an exemplary role model. As a loving and respectful wife, I aim to create a warm and caring home environment. And as a mother to adult children, I approach my role with caution and unwavering support.

Prayers for Adult Children

It's important to cultivate healthy habits that will help you thrive in life. Being a Christian woman doesn't mean that you have your act together. If you're serious about your faith though, it's essential to act and behave in a way that aligns with your beliefs. As per God's word, only those who hear and practice His teachings will be with Him in heaven.

Jesus said, "Whoever does the will of God, he is my brother and sister and mother. My mother and my brothers are those who hear the word of God and do it." (Luke 8:21 NIV).

Are you living as Christian woman? Have you established good, healthy, spiritual habits? Do you read your Bible every day? Check out "3 Things Every Christian Should Do Each Day" to help you on your journey and set your heart on fire for the Lord.

As believers, we are God's workmanship and should take pride in the good work He is doing within our hearts. Even when we face trials and temptations, we are called to "count it all joy" because these experiences can strengthen our faith. To attain perfection, Christians must undergo many trials and tests, which is why we all strive to be our best selves and achieve spiritual perfection through Christ. However, that being said, discouragement has a way of creeping into our lives and rearing its ugly head.

Read our Prayer Prompts for the Heavy-Hearted and find renewed joy in the Lord.

Would you like to experience a higher level of spiritual growth? Are you ready to discover and apply good habits to your life? Open your heart to the Word of God and ask for His guidance in fulfilling this desire.

Maintain A Happy Life with These Simple Steps

26 Steps for Establishing Good habits:

  1. Pray every day. Find inspiration for your prayer life by reading through our Daily Prayers.

  2. Write your prayers down. Use one of our journals to document your spiritual journey.

  3. Read your Bible every day. This is one of the top habits every Christian should do every day. Get inspired by reading, "3 Daily Practices: Set Your Christian Heart on Fire." You can also visit, "Reading God's Word."

  4. Think of ways to let your heart of faith shine. Read these 15 Tips to get you started.

  5. Brew some tea or coffee and sit for a while, read one of our blog posts when you do, such as, "Coffee Brings Me Closer to Jesus."

  6. Put your phone down to have quality time with your family. Read blog post, "The Word of God vs Google."

  7. Create simple and inexpensive ways to bless your family. Read our 11 Tips for Family Fun for inspiration.

  8. Practice meal planning. Husbands love to come home to a warm cooked meal. Read our 11 Ways to Make Your Marriage Better.

  9. Say "I love you," and pass out hugs more. Read blog post, "God Honors Those Who Love," for inspiration.

  10. Sing in the shower. It lifts your mood and puts your focus on the right place. Discover NEW original praise and worship songs here: Sing a New Song

  11. Smile more. Read blog post, "Practice Happiness: How to Smile Bigger and Brighter"

  12. Practice being thankful for all your blessings. Read blog post, "My Thankful Project," for more inspiration.

  13. Read articles on how to be your best self. Find inspiration by reading our blog post on "11 Tips to Become Your Best Self."

  14. Enjoy who you are and where you are at in life. Read blog post, "Embrace Your Season of Life: tips for Bringing Forth Much Fruit in Your Season," for more inspiration.

  15. Take a long walk. Pop in earbuds to listen to your favorite podcast. Find easy-listening podcasts by The Read-Pray-Sing Blog HERE.

  16. Bake some cookies! Who doesn't like to come home to the smell of cookies wafting through the air! Take some freshly baked cookies to your neighbors, or family members.

  17. Start your Christmas shopping early and get a jump on savings.

  18. Or better yet, go thrift store shopping! My heart sings when I find a brand new Calvin Klein dress for a dollar! Explore our Online Thrift-Flips here, and support My Sun & Shade!

  19. Start a side-hussle. Be an industrious stay-at-home mom like the Virtuous Woman in Proverbs 31 and set up an online shop to sell your thrift store finds. Visit my Poshmark Store: My Sun & Shade Shop Online

  20. Binge-watch your favorite shows! We recommend "All Creatures Big and Small" by Masterpiece Theater.

  21. Snuggle with your pet for extra love.

  22. Take some time off work and give yourself a "mental health day."

  23. Start reading a novel or begin a new series.

  24. Incorporate a morning and night beauty routine, read blog posts, "Look Good and Feel Great Inside and Out: Tips for Every Christian Women," for great inspiration!

  25. Wear dresses! Read our blog post, "Should Churches Have Dress Codes, and Why I Love Wearing Dresses to Church!"

  26. Attend church services on a regular basis. Sundays are a day to honor the Lord. If you are a Christian, this should be a no-brainer. If you don't have a church, read this to help you "Choose the Right Church."

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"A good habit is any behavior that blesses your soul
and helps you reach your goals."

- My Sun & Shade Ministries

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