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Coffee Brings Me Closer to Jesus

Personal growth and testimony of growing closer to Jesus

Hello, and welcome to the READ-PRAY-SING Blog! A cup of coffee will always be special to me, and it is probably because of the way I started drinking it... read along with me and discover the surprising habit that builds my most holy faith in God.

In This Blog Post:

Yuck! Coffee!

I was a little girl the first time I tasted coffee and my first impression wasn’t good.

The bitterness of that first sip caused me to declare I would never drink coffee ever again! I ran to the kitchen sink and spit it out as fast as I could.

How could grownups drink so much of that black stuff???

It wasn’t until my 2nd year of marriage did I actually consider trying coffee again.

Early on in our marriage, I noticed my husband had a habit of rising early every morning to read his Bible.

When he did this, he would brew a pot of coffee and sip a cup or two while reading his Bible before he started his day.

My habit on the other hand, had always been to read my Bible in the evening before bedtime, so I never considered getting up early to join my husband. Plus, I didn't drink coffee.

But, somehow his morning routine started to appeal to me, and I believe God was stirring my heart to change my habits. I began to imagine how nice it would be to have extra time with my husband, even if it meant I would have to get up earlier in the morning.

my morning coffee routine has become a beautiful habit for spiritual growth

Coffee is More Than a Beverage

So, the next day I did just that. I heard him start the coffee and sit down in his chair. Then, a little while later I slipped out of bed threw my bathrobe on and walked out into the kitchen.

He had the biggest eyes and was so surprised to see me at that early hour! I poured him a coffee and then sat down across from him. He was so blessed, not only to have company while he drank his coffee, but he was blessed to be served his coffee as well!

The next morning, by the leading of the Lord, I repeated my actions from the day before. I slipped out of bed, threw my bathrobe on and went out to the kitchen, but instead of pouring one cup of coffee, I poured two cups of coffee, and this scenario has continued on every morning for the past 28 years.

No matter where we are in the world, or what task lies before us, we make sure we get up early enough to sip our coffee and read our Bibles together before starting our day. It brings us closer together, wakes us up, and unifies our heart in God’s holy purposes for our lives.

God moves in mysterious ways, doesn’t he?! Who would’ve known our morning coffee combined with daily Bible reading could have such an effect on our marriage! I’m so glad I chose to respond to the prompting of the Lord so long ago and not give in to my warm bed. Just imagine what I would’ve missed out on if I hadn’t listened to that still small voice prompting me to get up early!

coffee inspires spiritual growth while reading the Bible

A Fresh Brew

My husband, Aaron, and I have shared so many discussions in those wee hours of the morning and these discussions have helped us have productive meaningful lives. We not only seek the Lord for wisdom from His Holy Word together, but we seek His direction for the day that lies ahead as well.

Now, 28 years later, nothing on earth is as satisfying to me as a freshly brewed cup of coffee shared with my husband while watching the sunrise.

Hopefully, I'm motivating someone who is reading this post. Perhaps you are wondering if it's worth getting up early to read your Bible. Well, let me tell you, the benefits far out weigh the extra hour of sleep you might get!

Our adult children have told us that they've been blessed by seeing our example of getting up early to read, drink coffee, and pray together all these years. And, they wish the same for their marriages!

If I could travel back in time, I would like to visit my 8 year old self and tell her, “Just you wait! One day, you will love the taste of coffee and drinking it will mean so much to you!"

A Matter-of-Fact Comment Makes Me Think

For a period of five years, I worked on graphics at my local church, and would often find myself having lunch with the pastor and the secretary. At one lunch break, the secretary and I were discussing how much we loved drinking coffee, and I expressed how much I loved drinking my morning coffee while reading my Bible, and my pastor said, “Just as long as you love your Bible more than you love your coffee.”

That expression has stuck with me all these years and I can still see my pastor turning his head and stating this matter-of-fact comment to me over lunch.

At first, I laughed out loud, but later the comment kind of hit close to home. “Do I love my Bible more than I love my coffee??”

Would I enjoy my Bible reading as much if I didn’t have my coffee in hand? Or my husband sitting by my side?

Scripture tells us, the Lord wants all of our heart, not just bits and pieces of it, and definitely not what is left over after we drink our coffee.

“Love the Lord thy God with all your heart, soul, and mind.” Isn't this the 1st Commandment? Yikes. Have I been looking forward to drinking my coffee more than reading my Bible??

Coffee Brings Me Closer to Jesus

To speak to coffee’s defense, it does have a charm about it that helps you sit still, and open your heart --Plus it wakes you up at the same time. And, there are so many benefits derived from its natural antioxidants and brain boosting power, right? Who wouldn’t LOVE this brown brew??

I think the balance in all of this, is actually having a balance to our approach in all of life’s little enjoyments. The bottom line is, coffee and Bible reading go together for me, especially in the mornings with my husband. I have to admit it, I love the combination.

Do I love my coffee more than my Bible? Absolutely not. But my pastor's comment really got me thinking about it!

So, let's analyze this: I believe coffee helps me love the Word of God more. Let me explain. The more coffee I have to drink, the more I sit around sipping my coffee and reading my Bible --and the more I feel closer to Jesus!

That's the bottom line: Coffee brings me closer to Jesus.

Healthy habits for spiritual growth and development in Christian women

Bible Reading Habits: Morning vs Evening

Have you considered your Bible reading habits lately? Reading your Bible before bed can calm you and settle your spirit, but reading your Bible in the morning takes on a whole new meaning. Especially if it is labeled as your "daily" bible reading

Our spirits are so open and “fresh” in the morning, and we are ready to soak in the powerful Word of God. If we make a habit of turning our attention to the Lord aka our Bible, first thing before anything else, the Lord honors us for this sacrifice of our time, and blesses us by opening our hearts to His Word in new and amazing ways.

When we open our heart to hear what His Holy Word is speaking to us, He pours into our heart the spirit of grace, and gives us wisdom to make right choices, and often answers questions we might have about what we will face that particular day.

The Lord can indeed do all of this in the evening, but it is different. For one thing, we are more sleepy, and we are at the end of the day. There isn't a press and an excitement for the new day ahead. Plus, if you are like me, then you get real sleepy when you start to read a book at nighttime. For instance, when I pick up a novel to read in the evening, I'm fast asleep within a page or two!

After a few months of reading my Bible in the morning all those years ago I began to see the difference between these two reading times. It became very apparent the Word of God had a bigger impact on my life when I read it in the morning versus reading it in the evening.

I felt like I started my day off on the right track: filled with God's spirit and His words working inside my heart all day long.

There is no doubt this is the reason for my steadfast faith in Him. I've seen the Lord's power and blessing on my life since I've given Him this morning sacrifice of my time.

Going Forward

Whether you read your Bible in the morning or in the evening, with or without coffee, do what works for you. Just make sure you read your Bible every day for insight, direction, and wisdom. The more you read its contents the more God will open his Word up to you. And, if you need a cup of steaming hot coffee to get you motivated, then, by golly --sip it heartily and find comfort in the knowledge that you aren't the only one!

Psalm 143:8

Cause me to hear thy lovingkindness in the morning; for in thee do I trust: cause me to know the way wherein I should walk; for I lift up my soul unto thee.


Let's Pray Together

Father in Heaven,

How great are Your ways and how great is Your name in all the earth! Thank you for your Spirit that is at work in the hearts of those who love Your name and want to press on toward Your purposes.

Cause us to hear Your still small voice and give us grace to respond. We desire to please You and want to come into all that You might have for our lives.

Help those who struggle with their daily Bible reading habits. Pour out a special grace to them and let your Spirit breathe on their desire to read Your Holy Word.

Help those who struggle with their schedule. Give them divine understanding and wisdom to organize their time more efficiently so they can grow spiritually strong through the constant reading of Your Holy Word.

Help those who have spouses that don't feel the same press in their spirit to read their Bibles. Give these individuals divine patience as they turn to You for hope, and replace their anxiety with joy as they trust in You to work in their spouse's heart.

May we all relish our times of meeting with You through our daily Bible reading routines, whether it is in the morning or the evening --Pour out Your Spirit on all those who desire more of You!

Thank you, Father.

In the Precious Name of Jesus,


Blessings ~


The Founder of

My Sun & Shade Ministries


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Oct 25, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thanks, Angie. I'm not one to drink coffee but a nice cup of tea hits the spot. I enjoyed this blog. Bless you.

Apr 19
Replying to

I'm so glad you enjoyed this blog post! Thanks for your sharing your point of view! Tea hits the spot for me sometimes too 😊


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