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3 Prayers for a Beautiful Marriage

1. Prayer for Renewed Love Within Marriage...

Precious Father in Heaven,

I want to thank You for my marriage today. Especially for my husband who loves You and serves You with his whole heart. Thank You Lord, that You saw fit we should be together. I pray that Your divine purposes would be fulfilled in us and through us as we let You work in our hearts everyday. As we draw closer to You, may we draw closer to one another, with cords of love binding our hearts together to become one unit, a strong team, ready and willing to do the service of the Lord.

Help us strive to be our very best at all times. Letting love cover any offense or transgression. May we be open with one another and speak with wisdom and grace, not allowing room for strife or discord.

May we be mindful of each other's needs and always be ready to offer a loving touch or give a kind word. Help me respect the position my husband holds as leader of our home. Please guide and direct him in wisdom as he cares and oversees our family's affairs. Father, please help me be a good help-meet to him, offering support and a listening ear when needed.

Meet with both us today as we go our separate ways, watch over us and bless us with Your goodness.

Thank You so much for hearing my prayer,

In Your precious name,


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2. Prayer for Loving Relationship to Be Restored...

Heavenly Father,

You are good, and loving, and kind, and Your ways never change.


Knowing this about You brings comfort to my heart this morning.

Father, I pray that Your loving ways would be reflected within our marriage, as we learn to set You first in our lives.


As we set our relationship with You first, may we learn of You, and come along side of You, allowing Your Spirit to teach us how to be meek, gentle and kind.

We understand these attributes with our own thinking, but we need You to enlighten us with a heavenly understanding.


"For Your thoughts are higher than our thoughts, and Your ways are higher than our ways."

I want to experience Your grace this morning and throughout my day.

May Your Spirit lead me, and guide me, and direct my every thought.

As I think upon my home, my family, and my husband, may You pour into my being a gentle loving kindness, filled with grace, to enable me to be an excellent wife and mother.

Father, You are constantly drawing me unto Yourself, and for this I am thankful.


Let me come along side of You, that You might teach me of Your ways.


Help me Father, to take the low place in arguments, to give a soft answer when confronted, to think slowly before I speak, because this ushers peace into a situation.

Help me to approach my marriage with respect, and treat our union with honor, for You brought us together.

Give me a heart for my husband, and help me to understand his needs, that I might be a blessing to him. For I know, when I bless my husband, I am blessing Your heart as well and bringing glory to Your name.

Please pour out Your grace to me today, and teach me Your loving ways.

In Your Precious Name,


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3. Prayer to Unite the Hearts of Husband and Wife in Marriage...

Heavenly Father,


My heart comes to You on this new morning, seeking Your wisdom, and seeking Your ways. As I approach Your throne, I pray that my heart would be softened in Your presence and that I may hear the words You have for me.

Lord, I know that only You can bind broken hearts, and only You can heal long lasting wounds; for that reason I come to You and no other.


Who else should I turn to in my time of need? but the One who formed me and my husband? The One who has been watching us all along? The One before Whom we made our vows to each other?

No counselor on earth can speak directly into our marriage like You can. Their wisdom is limited by earthly means, but Your wisdom and perspective abounds onto the heavens; it is as far as the east is from the west, there is no end to your wisdom and knowledge.

Speak to me from above today I pray. As I seek Your face this morning, speak to Your child, speak to my husband, please point us in the path we should take, the words we should say, and the choices we should make together.

Above all, we want to do what is right. Hurts and wounds can last for a long time if they aren't dealt with, and I bring my wounds and my hurts to You this morning, placing them at the feet of Your throne. 

The right thing for me to do is to cast these heavy weighted hurts off and give them to You, so that I can be free to be myself again, free to be forgiving and kind again.

Please help me understand my husband, and why these hurts keep happening.

My heart's desire is to be complete in my marriage and be united in purpose with my spouse. By Your great mercy Lord, would you give me a heavenly perspective of our marriage? And please reveal to me how I can be more graceful, loving and kind to my husband, in a way that causes love to flourish and wounds to decrease.

Lord, help me to walk in wisdom with my husband, and help me to reflect Your character in all I do.

Pour out grace to Your child now as I come before You, please give me a heart for my husband and help me respect the plans and purposes You have purposed for him.

Unite the two of us to fear Your name, and walk in Your ways all the days of our marriage, that we may live a full and happy life together.

Bless our union today I pray, bless our marriage, and above all may we honor You in all we say and do to each other.

In Your Precious Name,


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