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Sing a New Song Unto the Lord

Making melody in your heart to the lord

A merry heart does good like a medicine, so the book of Proverbs tells us, and what better way to make our heart "merry" but by singing to the Lord!

When my kids were young and being homeschooled, I was home all day.

I hadn't realized how much singing was apart of me, until, one day, I decided my little kids were old enough to help with some chores.

Immediately, they started their tasks and began singing church choruses.

It blessed my heart SO much! I knew they were mimicking their mama singing while she worked around the home.

Who knew they were picking up on this behavior of mine!

This caused me to be very aware of what kind of attitude I was projecting to them.

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Worship & Praise Songs

sing to the lord a new song

We are a part of a church fellowship that writes songs for our worship and praise services.

These original songs have blessed thousands within our world-wide fellowship.

You can browse our fellowship's songs by clicking here.

The Lord has blessed me with over 100 original praise and worship songs written from Scripture and times of devotion and prayer, and some of those songs are sung within our fellowship.

As these songs get polished up, notated, and recorded, my desire is to publish the songs I've written into books and distribute them on this website.

All as time allows...

The Lord makes all things beautiful --in HIS time.

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