Prayers for Peace

Still My Anxious Heart

Heavenly Father,


I come to You again today with hope that You will fill my heart with peace; that You will cause this panic and anxiety I feel right now to cease.


As I focus my thoughts on You, cause there to be a heavenly peace that descends upon me and stills my anxious heart, flooding my soul with Your peace.

My mind is scrambled and my to-do list is long - and there is only one of me! I am stretched very thin today and I need Your help, Lord, I need Your peace. That peace that transcends everything else going on in my life and causes me to be still inside. "The peace that passes all understanding" needs to reside in my being today.

Father in Heaven, I look to You for my help, because I know You will meet with me. You have blessed me before with Your faithfulness, goodness and peace and I know You will meet with me once again.

Nothing on earth compares with Your peace, and nothing on earth compares with Your presence. There is no where else I would rather be but in the palm of Your hand, covered in protection by Your love.

Lord, hear my prayer this morning, draw me close to You and leave Your peace with me.


As I focus on You during my busy day, let not my heart be troubled or afraid.

I commit to You my works, my to-do list and everything else going on in my mind and trust that You will meet with me as You see fit.

As I go about my morning and my day, establish my works, give me wisdom, still my heart with Your peace and let the fragrance of Your presence be upon me all day long.

I speak this prayer in Your Precious Name,


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