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Christian family of woman blogger


I'm Angie, the founder of My Sun & Shade Ministries. More importantly, I am a devoted wife to Aaron, my husband of 29 years! In addition to my ministry work as a pastor's wife, I am a mom to two grown children (+ a son-in-law), and a proud grandma to Levi and River.

Inspirational Christian woman blogger
Inspirational Christian woman lifestyle blogger

Family is the Best!

Having fun with grandkids
Christian values applied to family life bring happiness
the blessings of living an upright life are children who love the lord
how to pray for a healthy loving family
having a good relationship with your daughter brings happiness
grandchildren are a blessing from God
parents pray for their adult children's direction in life
loving your toddler and praying for their safety
Grandchildren are God's blessing for grandparents

About Me

When I'm not working at my full-time job as an administrative assistant or ministering at the church, I enjoy many hobbies including writing songs, creating art, and writing blog posts. I also love watching Masterpiece Theater, reading my Bible, and taking long walks. One of my favorite pastimes is searching for hidden treasures at garage sales and thrift stores, and reselling them online. Visit my Online Thrift Flips.

While my dad loves to buy and resell vehicles and equipment, I stick to smaller items that I can ship worldwide. During garage sale season --you won't find me sitting around on weekends. Instead, I'm out hunting for the perfect item to resell!

Our Journey From Michigan to New York

My life's journey began in St. Clair County, Michigan where Aaron and I grew up, fell in love, got married, and raised our two kids! Now our journey continues in Western New York where we live on a 50'x100' city lot with our 7 year-old fun-loving dachshund, named Brody.

Answering the Call

One day, our pastor in Michigan presented an opportunity for my husband to pastor a small church in another state, and after months of prayer, we said, "Yes, we will go!" 


My husband left his woodworking business of 25+ years, I resigned from a township clerk's position where I had been elected for a four-year term, and our children gave up their college scholarships at Wayne State University to join us in following this call!

Visit our church's website here: Mt. Zion Assembly, Jamestown, NY.

Grateful for Our Blessings from God

Our family has been incredibly fortunate since relocating to Western New York. The Lord has been by our side every step of the way, providing us with more than we could ever ask for. Our children made the selfless decision to give up their college scholarships in Michigan to join us on the path of pursing God's best, and the Lord rewarded them abundantly for their sacrifices by miraculously providing the funds to gain a Bachelor's degree from Liberty University.

Since then, our daughter has married and blessed us with two beautiful grandsons, and our son has chosen to pursue an education in Theology at Zion Christian University, in Waverly, NY. We are delighted to say that both of our children have purchased homes near us and remain devoted to following the Lord. We are so grateful for their loyalty to our church and community. They have been an invaluable source of support to us.

Starting a Blog to Bless Christian Women

The READ-PRAY-SING Blog was created to inspire Christian women with stories of my faith in action. The goal was to offer inspirationally, power-packed, monthly blog posts to boost inner strength, provide prayer, and attach an original song to each post. (I have accomplished my goal except I haven't had extra time to record my songs yet!!) 


Once I started publishing my blog posts for Christian women, the website took off, and now we offer prayers, advice, counsel, emotional support, products, and original songs (coming soon).

Read more about  My Sun & Shade Ministries.

Writing Anointed Prayers for Women 

One of my most cherished activities for spiritual development is writing prayers. Over the years, I have compiled countless heartfelt pleas, cries, and prayers of various lengths in notebooks, journals, and diaries. Nowadays, I use my computer to type out my prayers and I can feel the anointing flow from my heart to my fingertips and onto the screen. You can find some of these prayers here, Anointed Daily Prayers.

Praying for My Adult Children

As mothers, we have raised our children in God's ways, and then sometimes we watch them struggle to find their way as adults. Whether their struggle is internal or from an outside influence, we need to lift our adult sons and daughters up to the Lord in fervent prayer. Read Prayers for Adult Children.

Prayer Prompts for Women

Whether you are a wife praying for her marriage, or a single woman waiting for your Boaz, you can find focus in prayer by praying for specific emotional and spiritual needs with our "Prayer Prompts for Women."


The Journey of Self-Improvement Thru Christ

My ultimate objective is to be my best-self through Christ who strengthens me. I'm continuously exploring fresh strategies to overcome my human weaknesses, and I love to share my victorious moments in The READ-PRAY-SING Blog.

I've discovered that my confidence, courage, and sense of purpose all originate from my relationship with Jesus Christ. Inviting Him into my daily life has been a transformative experience. (Read about Salvation here.) If you're yet to experience His love, I encourage you to consider making Him your Savior. I can't imagine life without the divine guidance and wisdom of my Heavenly Father in Heaven.


For more information and spiritual support, read about the forgiveness of sin.

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