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Discovering the Sun & Shade
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My Sun & Shade Ministries:

Get to Know the Founder

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So Happy to Meet You!

I am Angie, the founder of My Sun & Shade Ministries, But, most importantly I am the wife to my beloved husband, Aaron, we've been married 28 years!


I am also a pastor's wife, a mom to 2 adult children (+ a son-in-law), a grandma to Levi and River, an administrative assistant who manages two offices.

How I Add Fun to My Life

My hobbies include, writing songs, taking long walks, writing blog posts, working on my website, creating art, watching Masterpiece Theater, selling on eBay and Etsy, and reading my Bible!

For some reason, I absolutely LOVE searching for treasures at garage sales and thrift stores. This is where I can find things to flip on eBay or find books to add to my growing collection of Christian women self-help books, devotionals, and Bibles.

My Journey From Michigan to New York

My journey began in the flatlands of Michigan where Aaron and I grew up, fell in love, got married, and raised our two kids! Now our journey continues in the hills of Western New York where we live on a 50'x100' city lot with our 7 year-old fun-loving dachshund, Brody.

Answering the Call

We received a phone call one day from my husband's friend from Bible school days. He invited our family out to visit his church and stay with his family. Then he presented to us this opportunity for my husband to pastor his small church, and after much consideration, we said, "Yes, we will go!" 


My husband left his woodworking career and thriving business of 25+ years to pastor a church in WNY, I resigned from a township clerk's position where I had been elected for a four-year term, and our children gave up their college scholarships to join us in following this call!

God Has Been Good to Us

We have been blessed beyond measure since moving to WNY. The Lord has been faithful to us every step of the way. Our children were able to graduate from Liberty University with Bachelor degrees using funds the Lord provided for them miraculously! They gave up their college scholarships in Michigan to join us in our spiritual journey and the Lord blessed them abundantly for their sacrifice!


Since then, our daughter has married and given us two beautiful grandsons! Both of our adult children have bought houses and are following the Lord wholeheartedly.


Moving Into a New Church Building

Our church grew and we sought the Lord for direction on what to do. We were soon growing out of our small church building. Then one day, a couple from our church presented to us a building that was for sale on the edge of town. It was set on a hill with a beautiful view of the western and southern sky. My heart sang! I knew the Lord was going to give us this building, but it seemed out of our reach.

Well, to make a long story short, the church became ours within nine months time, and we moved into the building shortly afterwards. Since then, we've had baby dedications, church picnics, a baptism, and even a wedding!

My Day Job(s)

After ending a season where I taught kindergarten for a local Christian school and worked as an office administrator for two offices (50+ hours a week). I am back down to only working as an office admin for two offices, which feels really good!! Don't get me wrong - I loved teaching 5-6 year old's how to read, write and count their numbers! But, teaching fulltime, running two offices, and being a pastor's wife can only last so long!

How I Use My Free Time

If it's a beautiful day on the weekend, you can usually find me sitting on my porch swing, or on our deck in the back yard, working in my flower beds, or taking a walk with my dachshund, Brody. Follow me on Instagram!


If it's really cold outside will find me curled up on the couch with a warm cup of coffee, watching reruns of Blue Bloods, Monk, Psych, or NCIS, or, in my bed with a mystery, drama, suspense novel, or self-help book.

But, if I have a stretch of a couple of hours all to myself, (which is absolute bliss by the way) you will probably find me in my tropical-themed office, playing my keyboard, creating art, or writing blog posts! I find my office truly inspiring!! Read the blog post about my office remodel HERE.

Projects in the Works

I've had it in my heart to create coloring books since I was a kid, and I was recently able to complete one, and you can view it here: ABC Bible Verse Coloring Pages.


The Lord has given me many praise and worship songs during times of personal devotion and prayer and my heart's desire is to share them with others. When time allows, I hope to record the songs and share them HERE.


One day the Lord prompted me to write a memoir, so I did. It's about my early years of how I became a Christian and how I met my husband. A publishing company would like to publish my book - but it is SO expensive. So, the book won't be published until I can save my pennies LOL. If you would like to be notified of any developments with my book, or when a song is shared on this website, subscribe HERE and you will be alerted by email. If you would like to donate to my "book publishing fund," you can do that HERE.

Starting a Website / Blog

The READ-PRAY-SING Blog was created for the purpose of inspiring and uplifting the hearts of Christian women so they can in turn be a blessing to their home, churches, and familiesI hope to offer inspirationally, power-packed, monthly blog posts to boost inner strength for your Christian journey! Read the introduction to this website HERE.

Are you looking for inspiration to start your own website? Read what inspired me HERE.

What Does the Name of My Website Mean?

When it came to naming my website, there was no question I wanted the name to be: My Sun & Shade! Of course there is a back story and you can read about it HERE.

Writing Anointed Prayers for Women

One of my most treasured activities is to write out my prayers to the Lord. Through the years I've collected many prayers, cries of the heart, and heart-felt pleas in various sized notebooks. All of them are in my office today.

Now, I've gotten into the habit of typing my prayers instead of using pen and paper, and I absolutely love these times with the Lord. I feel His anointing flow through my finger tips and onto the computer screen while my heart is lifted towards the Lord. You can read many of these prayers HERE.

Praying for Adult Children

I have found this topic of praying for adult children to be especially important in these days. We, as moms, have raised our children in God's ways and then we watch these children as adults struggle to find their way in the grown-up world. Whether their struggle is internal or from outside influence such as peer pressure or wrong friends, we need to be steadfast in lifting these young people up to the Lord in prayer. Read Prayers for Adult Children HERE.


Prayer Prompts for Women On-The-Go

These prompts were created for busy moms, wives, and for women who are hurting inside from wounds of the heart. The prayer prompts can be printed and tucked away in your Bible, in your purse, or kept in your car. This way, they can be easily accessed and help you stay focused on what is important during busy days and upsetting times.

Read Prayer Prompts for Women HERE.

Becoming My Best Self in Christ

My onward vision is to become a better person through Christ who strengthens me! I love developing new strategies that help me overcome personal weaknesses and I share many victorious moments in the READ-PRAY-SING Blog.


I've learned that my source of confidence, boldness, and sense of purpose comes directly from knowing the Lord Jesus and inviting Him to be apart of my every day. If He isn't the center of your life yet, then perhaps you should consider making Him your Savior. I can't imagine living my life without heavenly wisdom, peace and an onward vision. Read God Loves You and Me.

Ou Home

Writing Blog Posts as a Channel of SharingGod's Love

Writing blog posts is a way for me to express my love of God's word, and my desire to become a better person at home, at church, in the community, and in the workplace.

My aspirations as a Christian women, is to be the best wife, the best mother, the best grammie, the best pastor's wife and the best friend to the people in my life! I want to inspire you to find your purpose in life and go higher in your Christian walk! Let's attain God's very best for our lives! Read 11 Tips to Becoming Your Best Self in Christ.

My Collection of Self-help Books for Christian Women

Apart from reading my Bible, and a mystery novel here and there, I am a self-help book junkie and have amassed a huge collection of self-help books on: marriage, family, how-to's on being a good wife, public speaking, writing and how-to get people to like you.

These Christian self-help books have definitely found a place in my heart over the years, and now I display this collection in my tropical-themed office. These books have impacted me so much that I wrote a whole blog post about my book collection, and you can read it HERE.

A Life Recipe For Success

The true source of my spiritual inspiration is definitely my Bible. Using Scripture as my compass for everything I do in life has given me a tremendous amount of peace. Whenever I'm facing a crisis, am in need, or need heavenly guidance on any issue I'm facing, I go to my Bible. God's word holds the answers and keys to each situation I face, AND the Lord wants to help me put my best foot forward in all I do.

When I add Scripture, prayer, and rejoicing into my day, the results I experience is amazing. Somehow, the Lord meets with divine grace and power to help me tackle all my tasks and more! People ask me, "How do you do everything you accomplish?" Through the power of the Holy Spirit at work within me. That's how.


The self-help books and "how-to" books I've collected over the years make a nice display on my shelves in my office, but ultimately they don't bring me life, grace, peace, and joy. Other books are fun to read and add a splash of color to my life here and there, but their words do not give light and direction like Scripture does. 

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path, Psalm 119:105 KJV)


 Not a day goes by that I don't read a passage of Scripture, pray, or sing to the Lord. In fact, I keep Gideon Bibles around my house for easy reads. I also keep my heart open to prayer, and I sing throughout my day. ​​From time to time I will add a devotional book to my Bible reading in the mornings. The two devotionals I tend to read a lot are Streams in the Desert and Daily with the King.

Zion Christian Publishers

Other Christian reading material and books that aid my devotional time and spiritual growth can be found at Zion Christian Publishers, based in Waverly, NY. Many pastors, teachers, and pastor's wives have written material that have helped me become the pastor's wife I am today. I'm truly thankful for all the godly men and women that have crossed my path in this lifetime, I pray they will be rewarded greatly for their spiritual investment into spreading and teaching God's word for the enrichment of all mankind.

Angie has served in ministry with her husband for over 20 years. Read more about their life together, why this website was created, and what keeps them busy.


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From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the LORD'S name should be praised, Psalm 113:3.

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