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Christian kindergarten teacher having fun outside of school

Christian Mom and Teacher

Hello, my name is Angie! I love kids, and I think it is SO important that we, as moms and teachers, talk about the ways of God with our children whenever we have a chance. I had the awesome opportunity to homeschool my children up until the 3rd and 4th grade, and used a Christian kindergarten Curriculum that helped me lead them to salvation. Every day of homeschool was centered around prayer, memorizing Scripture, and listening to Bible stories. Those 5 years of homeschooling my children, were the best years ever.

I’ve been teaching Sunday school classes to children of all ages for 25+ years, and I absolutely love creating new projects, crafts, and coloring pages that go along with the Bible stories and Bible truths that are presented. It is such a joy to see kids get excited to color the pages I created!! Now, I want to share these ideas with other Christian homeschooling moms and teachers.

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Teaching kindergarten children their ABC's

Teaching Children from the Heart

Teaching kids is my passion, and I had the awesome experience of teaching kindergarten for a whole school year at a local Christian school that was in need. My "teacher's heart" was put into practice with much effort and zeal!

I do not have a formal education in teaching so I was nervous when I had my interview, but when the supervisor of the school heard of my experience with teaching kids in homeschool and Sunday school, AND witnessed my enthusiasm - he offered me the teaching job on the spot!

I've included a picture of my kindergarten class right after we came back from kindergarten graduation. The kids had changed their clothes and wanted to celebrate the awesome job they did in their graduation program!

The school presented me with a bouquet of sunflowers after our program. I was so honored and blessed. Sunflowers are my favorite flower!

Christian ABC Coloring Pages

Engaging Alphabet Coloring Sheets for Pre-K and Elementary Children

Elementary and prek coloring sheets faith
Christian ABC's pages for kids to color and learn

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Support for Christian homeschooling moms and teachers

Support our Efforts to Reach Children with Biblical PDF Printables

Our church began a Sunday school program in 2019, and we were in need of some inspiration for Bible lessons. My husband, who is the pastor, wanted me to kick off the program by teaching the kids about the Trinity. However, any online searches for relevant Bible lessons or coloring pages yielded no results --prompting me to create my own pages. Once I saw how much the children enjoyed coloring them, I listed them for sale on Etsy so other teachers could use them too. Thus, the idea for my PDF digital coloring page bundles were formed!

Since then, I have created many Bible lessons, crafts, projects and coloring pages for our Sunday School program, and I am thoroughly enjoying the process! Some of those lessons and pages I share on this website, and some in our Etsy Shop:

The Lord's Prayer for Kids

Inspire Children to Memorize The Lord's Prayer with Fun, Captivating Coloring Pages

The Lord's Prayer Bible lessonfor kids
Our Father which art in heaven coloring pages

God Loves You!

Download and Print These Engaging Coloring Sheets that Emphasize God's Love for Boys and Girls

Teach Children about God's love
God Loves all the Children of the World

The Holy Trinity for Kids

Easily Explain the Holy Trinity with Fun Illustrations and a Lesson Plan for Teachers

The Holy Trinity Bible Lesson for Kids
Lesson plan for the Holy Trinity

Spiritual Support
for Christian Mothers

Spiritual and personal development for women


Discover a collection of fun ideas that busy Christian moms can implement into some family fun.


Find encouragement and spiritual support with our Prayer Prompts for Busy Christian Moms. Print the list and keep it handy for your prayer times.


Find support in prayer with our Prayers for Mothers of Young Children, and receive grace and strength from the Lord. Let's pray together.

Woodland animal prints for baby nursery or playroom
Scripture verse prints with woodland animals baby room
Bible verses on woodland animal prints for home school bedroom nursery

Decorate Your Child's Bedroom or Nursery with our Sweet Woodland Animal Prints with Bible Verses

Pray for Your Adult Children
With Our Prayer Card Sets

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