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finding God's favor and blessing on marriage

Prayer Prompts
for Wives

Wives Who Pray for Their Husbands Rekindle Love in Marriage

Pray for Your Husband's Well-Being and Your Marriage

Discover how a simple daily prayer can work wonders for your marriage and your husband's overall well-being.

As believers, we are joint-heirs of God's blessings and must prioritize not only praying for our husbands and our marriage, but also for a proper perspective on what it means to be a wife.

I've been happily married to my husband, Aaron, for 28 years and consider it an honor to pray for God's blessings upon our lives and our marriage. I will continue to seek God for wisdom and grace to be an excellent wife and helpmeet.

Below are Prompts for Wives to guide you in your prayers:

praying daily for husband's well-being

27 Prayer Prompts for a Happy Healthy Marriage

  1. Ask for divine guidance in your husband's life and career.

  2. Pray for his physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

  3. Ask for a deeper understanding between you and your husband.

  4. Pray for a healthy and loving relationship between you and your husband.

  5. Pray for God's grace to love your husband as God intended.

  6. Ask for the wisdom to approach your husband with respect and honor.

  7. Pray for renewed love in your marriage.

  8. Ask for God's understanding on how to live with your husband wisely.

  9. Pray for stronger bonds between you and your husband.

  10. Ask God to prevent anything from hindering your unity.

  11. Ask for a joyful heart and happiness in your home.

  12. Pray for a love for your home that your husband wants to come back to.

  13. Commit your plans to the Lord, and ask Him for new ways to bless your husband.

  14. Surrender every thought to the Lord, and ask Him to remove false imaginations about your husband.

  15. Ask the Lord to give you renewed purpose as your husband's wife, lover, and friend.

  16. Pray for a compassionate heart and ways to encourage and build up your husband.

  17. Seek to please God and be thankful for your husband and your role as his wife.

  18. Pray to realize the greatness of your position as your husband's influencer, helper, and counselor.

  19. Strive to be everything God intended you to be as your husband's wife.

  20. Pray that you do not hinder your husband from fulfilling God's plan for his life.

  21. Study to understand why God created you as a woman and seek to be more feminine around your husband.

  22. Ask for God's favor on your home and marriage and be pleasing to the Lord in your conduct and behavior toward your husband.

  23. Pray for strength and faithfulness in your marriage commitment.

  24. Pray for grace to prevent harmful language from damaging your efforts to be a good wife.

  25. Ask for the spirit of counsel to give your husband good advice.

  26. Pray for God's blessing on everything you do for your husband.

  27. Pray for grace and beauty in your relationship.

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