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Look Good and Feel Great Inside and Out: Tips for Every Christian Woman

tips for Christian women to let inner beauty shine

My Practical Tips for You

It's no secret that most women spend zillions of dollars trying to maintain their youthful look. That is why we follow formulas like going to the gym, self-tanning, getting highlights, pedicures, and buying cute seasonal outfits so, we can look and feel our best all year round.

These formulas may work for some women --if our pocket books were spilling over with disposable income.

But, honestly, for a Christian woman like myself, I try not to stress too much on the outward glam. Especially being in the role of a pastor's wife. Not only do I not have extra cash to throw out the window, but I'm supposed to be a role model for others to follow.

Yes, I've gotten a fake tan before, and I've also spent too much money on pedicures in the past, and I've come to realize, these things that cost so much money, don't last.

Honestly, as I'm getting older, I'm becoming more and more aware that beauty fades, and its disheartening. We can keep spending our money for the latest gimmick, but in the end, we are still going to age.

Outward beauty isn't my focus but I am aware of how I feel when I look good, and how much it effects my demeanor and confidence.

Let's try to boost that good feeling about ourselves with some practical tips that won't break the bank account.

When I Became Inspired

I recently watched a YouTube video of a woman giving tips on how to “update” your look for a new season and it really inspired me. She was an older lady that was giving practical tips about hair, makeup, and clothes that she found to be successful.

After trying her first tip, I was hooked!

She didn't suggest spending hundreds of dollars, she merely suggested switching up a few things here and there, and the applications were great!

When I applied the other tips, I started to feel updated and confident about my looks and I hadn't even spent a dime!

I Switched Up My Hair Routine

One thing I never thought of doing, was using several products on my hair before styling it.

Have you considered this? Wow! What a difference it made! Bam! All of a sudden I had a ton of volume!

I guess I grew up in the era where you never considered combining different hair products at one time.

I've only ever used mousse on my wet hair for fear adding other products would make my hair oily or heavy, but this wasn't the case at all.

The YouTuber suggested applying several products to your hair before styling, so this is what I did:

First, I added mousse, then a root lifter, then a heat protectant spray, then after blow drying I added a Paul Mitchell gloss to smooth out the fly a-ways --it transformed my hair! I really couldn't believe I've never used all of these products until now.

The additional products I used on my hair were products I’ve had in my bathroom cupboards for a long time, but, never got around to putting them to any use.

So, clean out your bathroom cabinets to see what you can use!

I Dove Deep Into My Closet

The YouTuber suggested taking a closer look at what you have in your closet and see if there are articles of clothing you've liked wearing in the past but may have gotten shoved behind newer items.

This tip caused me to clear out a lot of unwanted clothes and bring some of my favorites to the forefront.

And, it also got me thinking about my blog post from May:

While cleaning out my attic last month, I came across bags and bags of my old clothes!

Going through those bags of clothes was like Christmas morning for me! It actually brought me back to my teen years when older ladies in the church would give me their old clothes to look through! It was the best!

So, I thought, hey, why not recycle my clothes? I noticed that those items of clothing I packed away in the attic were of patterns, looks, and styles that I really liked but no longer used.

I can apply the same mentality to the clothes I just removed from my closet. Bag 'em up and store 'em away in the attic!

They might take on a whole new look in a year or two!

I Added Pizazz to My Outfits

When it was time to get dressed, I walked into my closet and did as the YouTuber had suggested, and I put a new twist to the clothes that were already hanging up in my closet.

One thing that was suggested, was to add a splash of color to outfits, by way of jewelry, shoes, or sweaters, which I did, and I believe it has made a big difference.

Another tip, was to take a mental note of outfits you like on others and mimic them in your own way. Which I have, and this advice has been very helpful!

I Looked Good and Wanted to Feel Great

I love to look good for my husband, and I love to catch his eye when I'm wearing a new outfit or style my hair differently, but, you know what? He isn't going to care what kind of mousse I put on my hair, or how I spruced up my outfit if my heart attitude isn't right.

A Christian woman who has led a disciplined spiritual life, is composed, graceful, and beautiful. Her inner beauty and light shines bright for all to see.

Let's look at 3 ways we can make sure our heart attitude matches our outward appearance.

1. Have a Calm Morning.

This is the most important thing we can do for ourselves. In order to shine all day with inner beauty and grace, we must make time to sit still, and meditate on Scripture. The time we can give to this varies individually, but, the most important thing, is to be consistent.

During this quiet time in the morning, we can allow our mind to dwell upon the Word of God, think upon His goodness, and thank Him for all the blessings that He has bestowed upon us. Doing this will fill your inner being with God’s light and glory and strength.

2. Get Polished Up.

Every woman feels great when facing the day refreshed and filled with the spirit of the Lord. After a quiet morning of meditation and Bible reading, take time to bathe and style your hair and makeup. This is a sure way to feel composed and ready to take on the demands of the day with sweetness and cleanness!

3. Exude Inner Beauty and Confidence all Day.

Our Heavenly Father esteems women who place a higher value on their inner beauty then on their outward appearance. An important part of being a Christian woman is understanding the fine line between the two.

Let your beauty be expressed in a gentle and quiet way before God and other people, because this is of great value in God’s sight.

We, as women, are called to be daughters of the King, strong and polished cornerstones. Let’s look good and feel great so we can exude the inner beauty and confidence of the One who created us to be women.

He alone deserves all the glory.

Now go raid your closet and bathroom cabinets for inspiration, then, go to bed early so you can get up early and read your Bible!

Psalm 144:12

That our daughters may be as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace.


Let's Pray Together:

Heavenly Father,

How precious is Your name! And how precious are Your ways! Thank You for allowing this topic to come up, so we can educate ourselves on being "polished" daughters in Your Kingdom. Fill us with understanding and wisdom so we can express a true gentle spirit around others, letting our light shine for Your glory.

Help us carefully apply these tips to establish new habits and ways of thinking. We long to become our best self in any situation and look to You for the grace to enable us.

Give strength to those who struggle with rising early in the morning and help them carve out this special time with You. Pour Your anointing oil upon their attempts and give them an abundance of grace.

Allow wisdom to go before us as we chose to use our resources wisely and give us fresh set of eyes to see things differently.

Go before each one reading this blog post and bless their day with Your presence!

In Your Precious Name,


Blessings ~

From Angie,

the Founder

of My Sun & Shade Ministries


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Jul 03, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thank you, Angie!

5 days ago
Replying to

You are most welcome! I love to share spiritual growth tips with other Christian women 👍


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