Prayers to
Start the Day

Asking for Wisdom on this New Day

Father in Heaven,


On this new day, grant me wisdom to make right choices. Help me to walk according to the wisdom from above and not from the wisdom of this world. As I make decisions please give understanding and help me to make the right choices. Set my feet on the right path and go before me Lord. I need Your help today and I don’t want to rely on my own understanding. Your word says to commit our works onto You and You will establish our goings. There isn’t anything I want to do apart from your will for my life. So I need Your spirit to enable me to see beyond what I can see and have an understanding of your perspective. For, “Your thoughts are higher than my thoughts and Your ways are higher than my ways.”


I am leaning on You right now Lord, I acknowledge You as the one that has the answers for my everyday issues. Please take my hand and lead me in the way I should go.


Thank You for this day,



Good Morning Prayer

Father in Heaven,

On this brand new day, I thank You and praise You for who You are, and my heart worships You. May Your ways and Your word be magnified within me and lead me in the way I should go. For my desire is to bring glory to Your name, and be a light and a testimony of Your goodness all my days.

There is no one I should turn to but You, O Lord. In You, wisdom can be found, and we are enlightened with understanding  while in Your presence.

For this reason, I come to You with this request, and I ask that You would bestow upon me sound wisdom as I give an answer to someone who is requesting something of me.

I pray that there would be no offence taken on any part, but there would be a mutual understanding because we both love You, and seek to do good to others.

Father, please give me the right words to speak.

Thank You Lord for meeting with me this morning.

Thank You for hearing my prayer. 

I trust that You will allow Your Holy Spirit to guide what I say and protect our conversation.

In Your Precious Name,


Walking in Wisdom throughout the Day

Heavenly Father,

I look to You this morning for wisdom. May You meet me according to your steadfast faithfulness and support me emotionally and physically as I walk according to Your ways.

Prepare me for what lies ahead in this day, and grant unto me the gift of wisdom with each decision I make, each step I take, and with every person to whom I speak.

Through Your grace and strength, may I be a light unto the world and an example of Your mercy and love.

Thank You for drawing me and leading me into blessing, for Your ways bring life, peace and joy.

As I read Your word, and apply it to my life, bless me today with wisdom.

In Your Precious Name,


Guide My Steps, O Lord



You are the beginning and the end of everything and you are the Author of my life. You know my past, present and future and nothing is hidden from You. Therefore I need not be ashamed in coming to You today.

Father, my need is great and I can't see my way clearly. Tears blind my eyes, and grief fills my heart, and I would feel lost if it weren't for Your love.

Somehow my heart knows of this love, and my spirit is telling me to listen. Could you really take away my pain, my grief, my agony and lead me on to a better way of living?

Give me ears to hear You speak to me so I may listen, because I want to do just as You say. Lord grant me time in Your presence. Help me be still and feel You near me.

Lord, just as You were there the day that I was formed in my mother's womb, you had a plan for me. Even now, You still have a plan for me.

Your plan for me is to be perfectly happy in following You - wherever that may take me, AND if it leads me through a hard time for  a little while, then Lord, I am willing - IF you are by my side, giving me peace and giving me hope that in the end I will be in perfect rest and happiness because I have fulfilled Your plan for my life.

Help me to grow in love during those hard times and not to grow bitter.


Many people fall away from following You during times of heartache, but let me lean on You even more.

Oh Lord, lead and guide my steps today, guide my thoughts, my decisions, and help me look to You and find grace to accept all things in my life as coming from the hand of a loving Father.

May I have peace in doing what is right, for that is Your will for my life.

Thank You for the stillness I have in my spirit as I commit my way to You.

In Your Precious Name,


You Bless Those Who Love You

Heavenly Father,


On this new day, my heart turns towards you with an awe of wonder. How can it be that you see me and know all about what I am facing at this very moment? You are high above all, and you dwell in the heavens! Your eyes behold the children of men, and you bless those who love you with help and comfort, but you turn against those who do evil. May I always have a perfect heart before you so I can experience this expression of your love all my days! Oh, help me to walk uprightly, to do justly and to love others.

How good and great are God’s ways! I am so thankful my God hears my cries and meets me with His everlasting mercy! I will serve Him all my days!

Heavenly Father, please bless my day. I commit it to You.

In Your Precious Name,



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