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7 Powerful Prayers
for Adult Children

Mothers Who Pray for Their Children
Will Be Abundantly Blessed When They Reap Tears of Joy

Never Give Up Praying for Your Adult Sons and Daughters!

Should you pray for your adult children? The answer is YES! Ask the Lord to direct you in prayer, then seek Him earnestly --and don't give up! My children are grown and I still pray for them every day. I want to see them hit the mark God has for their life! And now I pray for my grandchildren as well ❤

Pray and never give up! Luke 18:1

Intercede Day and Night for the Lives and Future of Your Adult Children

Whether you are a parent or a guardian, we carry the children we have raised on our heart every day, and sometimes, all through the night! Recently, I've been waking up from a deep sleep finding out I'm interceding for my grown son or daughter! We want to see them have fulfilling, satisfying lives, don't we? We want to see them have the best job, the best of friends, a great life, and loving companionship. So, this weighs on us and presses our hearts into prayer.


Impacting Your Children Through Prayer When They Push You Away

We love our adult children unconditionally, and it hurts so badly when they don't want to hear our counsel, or listen to the wisdom we have to offer them. What can we do about this? Well, as a mother, you can pray for them. Pray that their hearts will be softened towards you, and pray their ears will be open to receive from you, and pray God's spirit will be at work within their life. The Lord, who formed them in your womb knows them better than you do,  and He can direct you in praying specific prayers for them, even effective prayers that will bring answers.


Writing Prayers in This Prayer Journal for Adult Children has Been a Blessing

Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the following prayers for adult children were written for the benefit of the reader, and the grown child's life. May they be a blessing to you and inspire you to develop your own prayer life. The Lord is waiting for you to come to Him, and to ask of Him, He wants to meet with you and help your adult child.

Submit a Prayer Request

I've been so blessed by a number of you who have reached out to me with prayer requests! I will be praying for your children and grandchildren! Be blessed, and don't give up!

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Prayers for Adult Children

Let's Pray Together

1. Prayer for Heavenly Guidance and Direction in Your Adult Children's Lives

Father in Heaven,


Remember me O Lord, and hear my prayer today. I come to You as your humble servant needing relief from the heaviness I bear for my adult child. The burden a parent carries for their children is great even when they are adults. Please be mindful of them today and touch them with Your presence. Draw them closer to You and cause them to see Your goodness. Establish them in Your ways that they may follow You all the days of their life.


Give my adult child a soft heart that they may hear when You speak to them. Direct their steps that they may not sin, and birth in their spirit a desire to bring glory to You through