I am the founder of My Sun & Shade -- but I am also the wife to my beloved Aaron, a pastor's wife to our church, a mom to three incredible adults, a grandma to Levi, and an administrative assistant who loves to write songs and blog on the side!

My journey began in the flatlands of Michigan and is now taking place in the hills of Western New York, where we live on a 50'x100' ft lot with our two dachshunds, Sammy and Brody.

Life is going pretty good right about now! After ending a season where I worked two jobs (50+ hours a week). I am back down to only working one job.

What am I going to do with all this extra time on my hands now? LOL! I'm hoping to wrap up a few of my projects

this summer -- but not unless I get a good amount of rest in first. I've got to Rest to be my Best per my own blog post advice!

So how do I rest? You can usually find me sipping a coffee out on my front porch while I watch the world go by, or sitting on the back deck enjoying the quietness of an enclosed backyard. Sometimes my comfy couch calls my name, then I curl up and read a book, watch Blue Bloods, or have wonderful long chats with family and friends.


Or, if I have a stretch of a couple of hours to spare -- you can find me chilling in my office, playing my keyboard, creating art or writing blog posts!

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Prayers for
Adult Children

Direct Their Steps, O Lord

Father in Heaven,


Remember me O Lord, and hear my prayer today. I come to You as your humble child needing relief from the heaviness I bear for the ones I love. The burden a parent carries for their children is great even when they are adult children. Please be mindful of them today and touch them with Your presence. Draw them closer to You and cause them to see Your goodness. Establish them in Your ways that they may follow You all the days of their life.


Give them a soft heart that they may hear when You speak to them. Direct their steps that they may not sin and birth in their spirit a desire to bring glory to You through the way they live.


May they come into all that You would have for their life by living uprightly and following Your ways. May they find mates that have dedicated their lives to serve You and together may they go on to do great things in Your name.


Lead them today in righteousness and reveal Your presence to them.


Thank You for their lives, thank You for their health and thank You for bringing them into my life and allowing me to be their mother.


I commit them to You, watch over them today and keep them safe from harm.


In Your Precious Name,



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Wedding Plans



How we bless You and praise You for all that You have done! Not only for us, but for our daughter! What tenderness and care You have shown our daughter. Father, we thank You for bringing her to this point in her life. How You have watched over her so carefully, spoke to her so specifically, and have given her a heart to follow You. We are beyond blessed right now that You have brought along a young man who loves her and will continue to care for her in the years ahead. Our daughter is precious to us, and precious in Your sight.

Lord, I pray that You would guide this young couple as they prepare to be wed in a few months. Go before them and make a way for their plans as You gently lead them along. Father, we have seen how You've crowned them with Your loving kindness already by bringing them to each other, please continue to speak to them in these next few months while they are single and prepare their hearts for marriage.

We give You all glory! None of this would've happened apart from your spirit guiding us, and we are so thankful.

Please prepare our hearts to give our daughter to this young man. As we seek You Lord, fill us with Your wisdom and comfort us with Your love, for we know this is Your will and purpose for this couple.

We give You all glory! 

Thank You Lord,



Dear Lord,

My heart is open to your heart right now and I feel the tug on my spirit to lift up my son's job to you right now, that you might use him in ways that have been purposed since you created him. 

Allow his position at work to propel him into that which you might have for his future. Direct his steps in order of your will to fulfill the plan you have for his life.

Through your guidance and leading we have raised him in Your ways and dedicated him to you.  As we pray for him may You meet and bless him, encouraging him as he looks to You.

Our prayer as his parents is that he would continue to walk in Your ways all the days of his life and that he would turn to You for daily guidance, comfort and strength.

We pray for a blessing upon his future at this company, provide wisdom for his position, and keep your hand upon him.

Bring opportunities through his degree and his work, that would cause him to come into Your fullest for his life.

In Your Precious Name,


Wedding Plans Continued


I come to You right now, needing to express my concern for the wedding coming up.

All the details are getting finalized, and so far, everything is coming together nicely. Thank You for supporting us in grace, and giving wisdom to make decisions.

There are needs that haven't been met yet, and I'm coming to You, asking for help in these matters.

It's funny Lord, I' m not even heavily concerned about all the loose ends, because I know You will supply everything we need.

In the end, it will be Your heavenly provision and your oil of anointing that causes this wedding and reception to run smoothly.

We give You thanks!

You work wonders! And we are in awe of Your handiwork in every detail of our lives. How awesome is our God!

Father, I pray that Your Holy presence will be apart of the wedding ceremony, and Your peace would envelop each person involved in that day, from the song leader to the ring bearer, from the caterer to the photographer. Meet with each one.

May this be a blessed, holy time that we will look back and marvel at Your goodness! Oh, praise the Lord!

Thank You for filling our hearts with joy over our daughter and her groom! How precious and sweet are Your ways! And how precious and sweet are they!


What an honor, that we are able to present a holy, pure, bride because You gave us wisdom while raising her.

She has walked in Your ways all her life, and has sought You for guidance for her future.

Now we are able to rejoice over the groom she has chosen, because You have brought them together by Your creative outworking in their lives! 

May this young couple go on to live for You and praise You all their days. Bless them with little ones who have hearts for holiness as well.

Thank you Lord!  I bless Your name!  How great You are!  Great are Your ways!

Father, I commit to You the final details; all the last minute decisions; all the unfinished plans - be apart of everything.

Father, above all, we want Your approval and blessing.

In Your Precious Name,


Prepare Our Hearts, O Lord



Meet I pray, with our family as we draw near to the day our daughter will be married. Provide peace to our household, and a calmness over every activity.

Help us hold steady during this last week of preparations, and allow Your sweetness to be evident in everything we say and do.

Knowing that our time of parenting our daughter is coming to an end, we hope and pray that she will remember the times under our care with loving memories.

I pray that Your Holy Spirit will envelop our little family this week as we accomplish our to-do lists and last minute details.

Comforting our hearts as well; preparing us to embrace a home life without our daughter here.

Prepare our daughter as well, and condition her heart to embrace the covering of another.

May she find complete rest in the husband that you have divinely provided for her.

Lord bless this day today and may we accomplish all that You have purposed for us.

Finding time to meet with You is going to be crucial this week. May we determine within ourselves to find time to center ourselves in You, and draw strength from sitting in Your presence.

Watch over our loved ones traveling from out of town, protect them, and keep them free from harm under Your loving care.

In respect of You, My Friend and My God, I pray,


May Your Truth Set Them Free

Heavenly Father,

You lead and guide our lives as we commit them to you, and we want to lift our adult children up to you now and place them into Your loving hands. 

You know exactly what is needed in their life to bring them to heir knees.

Lord, we pray that there would be an acknowledging of the truth and you would set them free.

Cause them to turn to you in their desperation and not become bitter.

Allow them to feel your presence drawing them closer to you.

Keep them as the apple of your eye and your hand upon them.

In your mercy guide them into truth and help them acknowledge your ways.

In your precious name,


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