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Best Self Habits
for Christian Women

Inner Beauty that Shines

Be Filled With God's Light

This topic of becoming "Our Best Self" has always intrigued me and I've often sought out Christian self-help books to quench my desire to know more about attaining this goal. In fact, I've amassed quite a collection of these self-help books for women that offer advice on how to be a great wife, the best mom, how to stay calm, how to find rest, ways to grow spiritually strong, how to pray better... but the best self-help book that has ever been written, is the Word of God.

Reading The Word Of God Brings Enlightenment and Confidence

The Word of God charts our course, directs our path, leads us in the way everlasting and helps us find peace at the same time. I can say, the Lord has been my teacher and my friend during my drive to learn how to become my best self.


​Nothing stands out more to me then the change in my confidence. My new mental attitude towards the way I view others has been totally altered and in its place is this boldness in Christ. I no longer am fearful of man, or what man thinks or says about me, and I feel so free!

The Freedom Of Becoming Your Best Self in Christ

You can feel this freedom as well. Come along side of me and follow my journey of becoming my best self and learn what I learn and gain what I gain. If you are a Christian women like myself then both of us are on a spiritual journey. Let's travel this path together!

At My Sun & Shade Ministries, we want to see you become all God has purposed for you to be by helping you center your thoughts and personal goals around Christ. Let Him be your focus as you discover ways to fulfill the call God has on your life.

Let God's Light Guide Your Way

My mission is to provide products and reading materials that remind you of your purpose, which is to be your best self in Christ, at home and at work, letting your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to God, Your Father, in heaven.

I believe that no matter what we are doing, what we are facing, we should have the mindset of being our very best in all we do. 

Experience The Fullest Purpose God Has For You

If you are reading to this point, then you are searching for ways to become a better person in Christ and experience the fullest purpose He has for you in this lifetime. I would like to help you in your spiritual journey and I pray you will be blessed with the blog posts, prayers, and articles that have been written on this topic of personal growth.

I am not a scholar on this topic by any means, but, I am a Christian woman and a pastor's wife with many years of ministry and experience to offer insight and nuggets of wisdom to all who care to listen or read.

My Prayer For You As A Christian Women

One thing is certain, and you may find this to be the case with you too, I can't imagine my life without the Lord Jesus at my side, He gives me grace to face life's challenges and strength to endure life's trials, and He has given me this great desire to become a strong, healthy-minded, spiritual woman.


My prayer is that you will experience the Lord's love, joy, and peace everyday of your life as you seek Him for heavenly wisdom in this matter concerning becoming your best self.

“Choose to be kind. Choose to forgive. Let your love grow and shine so that people may look at the example of your life and glorify God in Heaven.” – Victoria Osteen

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