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I'm Off to Change the World! One Blog Post at a Time

Christian woman writing blog posts to influence other women in personal growth

Have I Changed the World Yet?

One day, a few years ago, I set out to start a blog for Christian women, in the hopes of reaching as many hearts as possible.

What was my goal? To pass on inspiration to live a Christian lifestyle through blogs, lifestyle tips, prayers, and Bible lessons for kids.

I wanted to change the world!

There was zeal and excitement. Passion and perseverance.

My Aspirations Were Finetuned

Since then, I have had SO much fun with my blog! I've added an online shop, several new pages and features, updated old blog posts and About Me pages... even created an ABC Coloring Book of Bible verses teacher can use at home, school and church!

Have I changed the world yet? Nope, LOL. Not one iota. In fact, the world is darker than ever!

Have I changed someone's outlook on life? On marriage? On family? On relationships? Maybe helped to build their faith in some way??

I hope so!

My Enthusiasm And Spirit-Filled Dreams For the Future

We moved our family from Eastern Michigan to Western New York in 2017 to pastor a small church.

What was our goal? To fulfill God's purposes and be outstanding testimonies of God's goodness by passing on all the Biblical insight we had gained in our short lives.

We wanted to change the world!

Powerful enthusiasm, Spirit-filled visions, and hope for the future filled our hearts.

Since then, our church congregation has grown in size and we moved to a larger church building. Praise the Lord! But, have we changed the world yet?

Nope. The world is still dark and lost.

Have we touched the lives of the families that attend our church? We think so!

We have tried in many ways to reach broader audiences, gain recognition, use our talents, write one more blog post, have another church function, all in the hopes of changing our world!

Have I Been Blessed Yet?

We fail to realize that the level of growth and effectiveness we so relentlessly strive for comes from Him. Not from our own works and efforts.

"If the Lord does not build the house, then those who build it work in vain. If the Lord does not guard a city, then the watchman stands guard in vain," Psalms 127:1 NET.

Blessing and increase come from God alone. Only by God's power and Spirit has our church grown, and, only by God's Spirit can hearts be touched, whether via a sermon at church or a Christian woman's blog post.

My Thunderstruck Moment

I heard a quote recently that popped the bubble of my ambition and brought me back down to earth, where I belong.

Yup. My bubble of zeal and perseverance came floating down with a big dose of humble pie.

Because my "world" is much smaller than I realized. My focus has been MACRO. BIG. GIANT. EARTH-SHAKING, but, I was gently reminded of how MICRO my world actually is, by way of a quote. This quote exactly:

"Do you want to change the world? Then go home and love your families." - Mother Theresa

Pretty simple and to the point, eh? Did you catch the meaning behind Mother Theresa's words??

HOME. That is where it all starts. That is our world.

Not the World-Wide-Web, and not in writing another blog post, or posting more pins on Pinterest, and definitely not in writing more lifestyle tips that are in abundance online.

My Priorities Were Re-evaluated

What does HOME refer to? It refers to our families. That is where we have the MOST impact!

It was as if God was gently telling me, 'You'll find the most fulfillment by reaching out to your family and loving your home.'

Because OUR FAMILY is are our world.

When I Realized My God-given Gift

Women carry so much power in the home and it's a shame we don't use it to it's fullest intent and possibility! It is the power of influence.

We know a very influential woman in the Bible and she is called, The Virtuous Woman, or The Proverbs 31 Woman. She has the focus of a woman who is set on changing her world! One day at a time.

  • She gets up early and feeds everyone in her house. In addition to gathering ingredients from all over the world, she puts in an effort to plan and prepare meals.

  • She makes sure everyone in her home looks nice and tidy with appropriate clothes for the seasons.

  • She is resourceful and strong, and doesn't waste time lolygagging around the house.

  • She speaks pleasant words of encouragement and offers wise counsel.

  • And guess what? Her children rise up and call her blessed and her husband praises her!

Then, the last verse in Proverbs 31 reads, "Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates."

From the works of her hands will come praise and honor from all around her world.

Lessons Learned from Proverbs 31

When was the last time we read through Proverbs 31? And meditated on the meaning behind some of the verses? I meditated on this chapter all the time when I was newly married. I used to set The Virtuous Woman before me as a role model.

When did I lose the vision of this? Did I think the Proverbs 31 Woman was unattainable? Did I think it was out-of-date to take care of my home and family??

"All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness. that the (wo)man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works," 2 Timothy 3:16.

Proverbs 31 was given to us as a guide, that we may be instructed in righteousness. The family government is God's precious gift to us and the earth and He holds it in high esteem.

Every word and verse in Proverbs 31 is worthy of attention - our attention.

My Enthused Hope Leads Me On

The Lord God wants us to be enigmatic, enthusiastic, exciting role models at home that look after our families and the ways of our households, with kindness and wisdom. This is acceptable to Him!

Blessing our families with nourishing meals. Reaching out to them in their time of need. Helping with housework. Making sure their needs are met.

When we do these things - we are affecting the lives of those in our home - and changing our world - one day at a time!

My children are grown, but I've come to realize they still need me as their "encourager," and I pray for them all the time, and when they come over, I minister to them.

There are so many ways we can touch the lives of our loved ones, even if we live alone.

My Perspective on the Future Was Changed

Putting things in the proper perspective, is just what I needed! Thank you, Mother Theresa, for that insightful quote!

Thanks to the Lord, for his inspirational pattern in Scripture of the Proverbs 31 Woman --Now, let's go forth and change our worlds one day at a time!

"Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all," Proverbs 31:29 ESV.

Blessings ~


The Founder

of My Sun & Shade Ministries


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