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Discover a fun, Christian approach to teaching your children the ABC's with our illustrated Alphabet Coloring Pages. Every coloring page features a lower case  and upper case letter from the alphabet along with a Scripture verse that starts with the focused letter. these ABC Coloring Pages are both educational and delightful! Parents and educators have told me that they are blessed with the pages just as much as the children!


These ABC Coloring Pages have been embraced by 3-12 year old kids, so, don't limit these ABC Coloring Pages to just preschoolers or kindergarteners!


Teaching your children the importance of memorizing scripture is a vital part of your Christian kid's spiritual growth. The ABC Coloring Pages by My Sun & Shade Ministries are a great resource for parents, teachers, and homeschooling moms to use when introducing children to different letters and phonics sounds. 

Reap the benefits of using the ABC Coloring Pages:


1. The ABC Coloring Pages are designed to use separately or as a whole. There will be one PDF file to download, and in this file, you will be able to view all of the 28 illustrated pages. ( 26 Alphabet letter pages plus a Front Cover and a Back Cover Page.)


2. Each ABC Coloring Page displays a lower-case letter and a capital letter above the captivating illustrations to color. The illustrations correlate with popular Bible verses that are displayed below the illustrations, and are especially created to capture the children's attention.


3. The captivating illustrations help convey the message of the Bible verse and make it easier for the children to understand.


4. Each Bible verse displayed on the ABC Coloring Pages showcases the main alphabet letter at the very beginning of the verse. This helps children to associate the letter with the corresponding letter sound and word.


5. The Scripture references are included on each page for the benefit of further teaching when needed or desired. This allows parents, teachers, and homeschooling moms to delve deeper into the meaning of each verse with the children.


Hello, my name is Angie, and I'm the creator of these sweet ABC Coloring Pages. I've been teaching Sunday school for over 25+ years and homeschooled my children up until 3rd and 4th grade. One thing I LOVE to do, is create new pages and crafts that engage children in Bible truths and stories. So, you will feel my LOVE ooze out of every page!


Another fun option you could do with these ABC Coloring Pages is to create a Craft Booklet with all 26 Alphabet Letter Pages and the provided Cover Sheets.


A "Book Belongs To" Page is considered the Front Cover, and can be placed on top of all the ABC Coloring Pages. The Back Cover says, "The End," and can be placed on the bottom of all the ABC Coloring Pages. Then staple all of the pages together to form a Craft Booklet. These ABC Craft Booklets create a lot of excitement with the children!


The Following Bible translations were used in creating the ABC Coloring Pages: KJV, ESV, NIV, and ISV

This PDF Download of the ABC Coloring Pages can be printed as many times as needed, but not for resale.


If you prefer a paperback version of these ABC Coloring Pages versus a PDF download. Copy and paste this link into your browser, the paperback is $6 on Amazon:



Find more Bible related lessons and coloring pages for children in our online store! Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you have a blessed day!





The Founder 

of My Sun & Shade Ministries

Bible Verse Alphabet Coloring Book for Kids, 8.5"x11" Digital Download

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