Hey There

I am the founder of My Sun & Shade -- but I am also the wife to my beloved Aaron, a pastor's wife to our church, a mom to three incredible adults, a grandma to Levi, and an administrative assistant who loves to write songs and blog on the side!

My journey began in the flatlands of Michigan and is now taking place in the hills of Western New York, where we live on a 50'x100' ft lot with our two dachshunds, Sammy and Brody.

Life is going pretty good right about now! After ending a season where I worked two jobs (50+ hours a week). I am back down to only working one job.

What am I going to do with all this extra time on my hands now? LOL! I'm hoping to wrap up a few of my projects this summer -- but not unless I get a good amount of rest in first. I've got to Rest to be my Best per my own blog post advice!

So how do I rest? You can usually find me sipping a coffee out on my front porch while I watch the world go by, or sitting on the back deck enjoying the quietness of an enclosed backyard. Sometimes my comfy couch calls my name, then I curl up and read a book, watch Blue Bloods, or have wonderful long chats with family and friends.


Or, if I have a stretch of a couple of hours to spare -- you can find me chilling in my office, playing my keyboard, creating art or writing blog posts!

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My Sun & Shade was created for the purpose of inspiring and uplifting the hearts of Christian women.

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All About Me

My onward vision is to become a better person through Christ who strengthens me and I share some goals in one of my blog posts: 11 Tips for Becoming My Best Self.

I am a self-help book junkie and I have amassed a huge collection of self-help books on marriage, family, how-to's on being a good wife, public speaking, writing and 'how-to get people to like you' books (smile).


Oh, and I am obsessed with how the brain works, don't ask me why - so I like to read books about how to rewire your brain and change the way you think. Doesn't that sound fun?


​Writing Blog Posts

My blogs are written from what is inside my heart, not from what is inside a self-help book - just so you know. In fact, I don't refer much to my collection of books in my blog posts that often, I refer to Scripture. Sometimes, a great idea, or an  inspirational thought from a self-help book might make its way into a blog post now and then, but you will never know - unless you read them!


Using Scripture as my compass for just about everything I do in life has caused me to experience a tremendous amount of peace.


The self-help books and how-to's make a nice display on my shelves, but ultimately they don't bring me life, my Bible brings me life.

Not a day goes by that I don't read a passage of Scripture: a Psalm, a Proverb or my daily reading program. 

This book, the Bible, is where I derive all my inspiration for writing blog posts.

Yes, the other books are fun to read and add a splash of color to my life here and there, but they don't bring life and direction like Scripture.

From time to time I will grab a devotional to add to my time of meditation and Bible reading, and that devotional is usually Streams in the Desert.

In many blog posts, there are references to passages in this devotional I have found very helpful.

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READ, What Bible translations do I like to use?


​​Intended to Inspire

My blogs are written with the intent of bringing you (the reader) inside the inner workings of my thoughts, to see and understand my perspective on how I live out a Christian lifestyle.

My intention is to inspire, uplift, encourage and motivate women to become their best selves in Christ, by building up faith, offering hope, and pointing to Christ as the answer to all life's questions.

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​​Who am I?

I am a pastor's wife, a Sunday School teacher of 20+ years, a mom of two great adult kids + a son-in-law, a hopeless romantic, an artist, a songwriter, and now a writer. (Fingers crossed for BOOK 2022)

​​Two-Job Momma

Lately, I hold the title of kindergarten teacher to six lovely little five and six year-olds and I absolutely love pouring into them. I consider it a privilege to watch them learn and grow.

After school, I work as an administrative assistant to a local contractor until 5-6pm in the evening and then I head home to make food for my hungry husband.

I'm not sure how long this two-job thing is going to last, but right now, there is plenty of grace.




Over the past 20 years, I have written songs of deliverance based on Scripture that I hope to share in a songbook format soon.

I am also creating a coloring book for kids which should be finished during the summer months.

My first book is in the editing stage and I look forward to moving ahead with that as well.

Of course, there is always the pursuit of becoming a better wife, mother, pastor's wife and friend.  

Ultimately, my highest pursuit is pleasing the Lord - I want to attain my greatest potential in this lifetime - and produce much fruit for the glory of the Lord!​