The Little Lemon Plate

This blog post is written by Avery, a guest writer at My Sun & Shade. She is a young Christian woman who was recently married in August 2019 and who is now expecting her first child in April 2021.

She was born into the church and has faithfully served the Lord her whole life. God has blessed her with a beautiful heart for ministry - whether it is to her husband, playing the piano at church or just being a good friend to others around her, she does it all well.

Thank you for this lovely blog post Avery! May the Lord richly bless you!


The Little Lemon Plate

by Avery

God is very aware of your every thought. You may not realize how well He knows you!

Of course, as a Christian, I know that God knows all things. He is God! Yet, this week, the Lord used a very simple situation to show me that He knows all things at an even greater level than I can understand with my human mind.

This revelation started at T.J.Maxx, although at the time, I wasn’t aware of what God wanted to speak to me.

T.J.Maxx is one of my favorite places to shop. Each time I go, I seem to find a unique treasure I couldn’t have found anywhere else, and for a reasonable price!

On this particular day, I was shopping for storage bins for our apartment.

My husband and I are working to achieve a new level of organization in our home so we feel more prepared for the coming of our first baby in April.

When I visit T.J.Maxx, it is my personal practice to circulate the entire store before leaving (even if I’m there for one thing), just in case I stumble upon a good deal.

Well... I can’t practice my little tradition when my husband is with me (you can imagine why!), but this time, I was all by myself, so I took my time dissecting each and every aisle!

While browsing the kitchen aisle, I found a little lemon plate.

My kitchen is decorated with lemons, and I just love how lemons add a bright splash of yellow to the room! I thought, “This plate would look so cute on my stove! I could use it to set my utensils on while I’m cooking!”

I picked it up and almost placed it in my cart just as the following words came to me:

Avery, you already have a plate on the stove... the baby is coming, and we cannot afford to spend so frivolously.

It was almost as if my husband was standing right there in the aisle with me whispering these words to me!

Willingly adhering to this voice, I set the little lemon plate back down on the shelf.

As I did so, another thought came to me:

If I allow myself to buy, buy, buy, each time I want something, how will there be any room for God to bless and provide for me?

Wouldn't it affect how much I appreciate the little blessings God brings my way?? Would I even notice them?