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Living a Victorious Life in Christ

Christian women unlocking the keys to being happy in life by rejoicing in God

My New Secret Weapon in Spiritual Warfare

I found a secret --the key to staying happy--no matter the circumstance!

My secret weapon to fight depression, sadness, bitterness, rejection, is, "rejoicing in the Lord!"

It has brought about so much good in my heart -- I just have to share it with my readers!

The book of Philippians tells us to "rejoice in the Lord always."

Let's discuss how we can develop this secret weapon to trigger joy and happiness in our life and start receiving the benefits from living a victorious life!

Good Habits are Pathways to Victorious Moments

Habits are a way of life, and if you have a good number of excellent habits, you will likely have a happy life.

One habit I've developed when writing my monthly blog posts for Christian women, is waiting until the Lord stirs my heart before I begin to write my articles.

I love how the Lord is so faithful to inspire me with a spiritual truth that broadens my outlook on a Christian perspective so I can share what I've learned with others.

One of the main goals when writing Christian blog posts is to encourage other women to create and maintain good habits that lead to a fruitful spiritual life.

An Inspirational Quote is Remembered

A little while ago, my husband mentioned something at the beginning of a church service that lodged in my heart.

The inspirational phrase he shared with everyone that morning was, "Rejoicing is the key!"

Everyone in our fellowship (Zion Fellowship International, Waverly, NY) probably remembers when our former President, Brian J Baily, was known to quote this phrase all the time.

He was quite a man of God and has done much for the kingdom of heaven. Our fellowship has missed him greatly since he passed away in 2012.

After hearing this quote again after so many years, I tucked it away to think about later.

"Rejoicing is the key!"

During my husband's sermon, I was getting quickened with thoughts about God's strength, so I jotted a few things down. One verse in particular that came to mind is from Nehemiah 8:10 -- "The joy of the Lord is your strength."

The next morning, which was Monday, I began to begrudge the workweek that lay before me, when I remembered the quote I had heard yesterday, "Rejoicing is the key!"

Being Joyful Makes You Stronger

As I was on my way to leave for my workday, I stopped to look for a bill in my office... and as I moved things around, I happened to look up to see a little picture that was sitting on the table next to my keyboard.

A friend had given me this little picture a long time ago. I kept it for all these years because of who my friend was, and because there was a Bible verse on it.

My eyes glanced over the verse while I was singing and looking for the missing bill...

The verse on this picture happened to be from Nehemiah 8:10, "The joy that the Lord gives you will make you strong."

That verse was on my heart the day before!

I became very encouraged by this and began to sing these words from the book of Psalms, "Rejoice before the Lord and give Him thanks! For He is good and greatly to be praised!"

The Secret to Living a Victorious Life

The "key" or "secret weapon" in rejoicing is that we receive strength from the Lord to overcome all that works against us --and then we have the ability to respond to our situations in righteousness.

"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms" (Ephesians 6:12 NIV)

The spiritual realm is very real, and we should equip ourselves with this secret weapon of rejoicing in the Lord. Not only will become spiritually strong and able to face any issue, but we will become happier and less anxious as well.

Exercise Your Faith Daily

A sure way to become strong in the Lord is to exercise our faith. The same way we gain strength by working out at the gym, is the same way we develop spiritual strength, by exercising our faith every day.

We can't expect to have a fit body with one workout at the gym. Well, we can't expect to have a victorious life with one 5 minute session of rejoicing in the Lord.

It takes time, patience and endurance.

As we exercise our faith, let's train ourselves to rejoice before the Lord in the following ways:

  • Believe you are called by God to be a Christian

  • Confess God is good no matter what happens

  • Give thanks for all things

  • Pray without ceasing

  • Live out the following verse:

"All things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purposes." (Romans 8:28 KJV)

Believe and Confess

If you are a born-again Christian, then like me, you believe that God is IN everything, and, you accept everything that happens as coming directly from His hand, good or bad.

My heart believes that ALL things do work together for GOOD to those who love God and are called according to His purposes.

Do I love God?

Yes, With all my heart.

Do I trust God?

Yes, I'm sure I do.

Then, relax, and be patient, and trust God will do all things well.

Let's go through our Christian journey together, developing good habits, like rejoicing in the Lord and trusting that ALL things will work together for our good, to those who love God, and who are called according to God's holy purposes.

As we commit each day to the Lord, let our thoughts and plans be established in the purposes that He has planned for us -- and let us rejoice with the knowledge that He will fill us with power an strength to overcome and accomplish all that He has set before us!

The Joy of the Lord is our strength!

"The Lord is my strength and my song; he has given me victory. This is my God, and I will praise him— my father’s God, and I will exalt him." (Exodus 15:2 NKJV)


Let's Pray Together

Dear Heavenly Father,

We rejoice before You because You do all things well! We sing to You because You are worthy to be praised! We testify of all You have done in our life by being good examples of Your holy calling of a Christian woman!

Direct our steps, O Lord. We want to fulfill Your plan for our life. We want to trust You in every area of our life.

There are so many struggles we face. So many disappointments. So many hurts and offences. We need Your strength to overcome all of our woes.

Fill us with Your joy as we sing to You. Fill us with power and strength from above as we praise Your name.

Then as You are lifted high above all of our struggles, then come and meet with us. Shower Your blessings of a victorious life upon us.

Thank you for Your goodness.

We will praise Your name today, tomorrow, and the next day.

We will rejoice before You all of our days.

Thank you Lord Jesus.

In Your Precious Name,


Blessings ~


The Founder of

My Sun & Shade Ministries


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