Strength and Honor are Her Clothing

My Dad used to say I was a strong little girl.

He would often find great amusement in my strong arms and tummy muscles. Especially when he tickled me.

I even remember my Dad being surprised and proud of how many sit-ups I could do, and when I couldn't do anymore, he would feel my stomach and exclaim, “Wow! Feel how hard that stomach is!”

This of course was a great feeling. Who doesn’t want to please their father with their strong tummy muscles?! Or show off strong biceps in arm wrestling?

Snuggling with my Dad, sometime around 1980.

Boy, do I wish physical strength was my strong suit now! But life tends to take a toll on a body - and what a toll it has taken on this body of mine!

Oh, if I could only go back in time and encourage myself to keep that muscle tone up!

My son gets up at 5 AM most days and goes to the gym.

I say, "Uh, No way."

But, I suppose it is a matter of priority.

All his hard work is really paying off, and he looks really good.

Right now, my priority is sleep, rest, sleep, rest, a little bit of coffee now and then, and maybe read a good book if I have enough energy.

Yes, I was a strong little girl at one time...

And yes, I was in good physical shape at one time too… and maybe I could get back there if I tried really really hard…?

But, I know my husband wasn’t referring to physical strength or muscle tone the other day when he casually said, we are strong people.

Did I hear my husband correctly?

Yes! He called us strong people.

Now, I know my husband is a strong person, that goes unsaid.

(Strong as in the physical sense of the word and in the spiritual sense of the word.)

But when your strong husband refers to you as a strong woman, too, that’s pretty awesome.

This wasn’t some random comment, either. This was something he had thought of before, I could tell.

We had been discussing someone that was having a hard time handling a tough situation, and our hearts went out to this individual, and as we were considering their situation, my husband said, “You know, we have just always been strong people...”