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“Much alone.”

“We must be much alone” … this was the answer I had been waiting for!

Finally! This was a clear directive from the Lord, and it answered my prayers and the cry of my heart!

Throughout the whole month of September, I had felt my faith waning away… not because I did not believe in the Lord, or trust Him, but because I was weary and tired and couldn’t feel His presence anymore.

A clear sign that weariness had overtaken me was when I started lashing out at my loved ones.

Another clear sign of weariness was my frustration in doing the simplest of tasks.

Ever been there?

Well, I was in the grind of my new busy schedule and not carrying it very well.

My new busy schedule had not allowed me to spend any quality time with the Lord.

“Why don’t I feel the Lord near me today?!” I asked myself one day in early September.

“Why don’t I feel the Lord’s strength holding me up?” I asked myself in the middle of September.

“Why do I feel my mouth slipping and uttering words or saying things I ought not to say?” I asked myself in late September.

All month long I had forsaken a very important duty because I was too tired and busy.

My wonderful day-to-day world as I knew it, changed ever so quickly at the end of August.

I no longer had leisurely mornings in which I could read my Bible and pray to my heart’s content.


Because now I have two jobs.

Before September came along, my life was kind of peaceful now that I think of it! LOL! Then along came job number #2.

If you have been following my blog posts, you will have read about my awesome opportunity to teach kindergarten in this strict state of New York.

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Yes! I was chosen to teach kindergarten at a local private, Christian school! What a privilege!

Since I was young girl, I wanted to be a teacher among other things, but I never pursued any formal education.

My experience with teaching is quite varied though. I have taught Sunday School for 20 years, homeschooled my own children up until 4th and 5th grade, taught history classes, gym classes and art classes at a local homeschool co-op group.

A week before school was to start, this private, Christian school still had no one to teach kindergarten. The previous teacher had found another job a month before school was to begin and now the school board was praying desperately for an