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The best advice I have ever heard came through a speaker on a Christian radio program this past month.

Upon hearing it, I was immediately convinced of its importance.

It literally stopped me in my tracks, and I determined right then and there that I would apply this advice to ALL matters in my life - immediately.

You may not consider this the best advice YOU ever heard, but it has certainly changed the course of my life, thoughts, and purpose for living, I think, FOREVER.

This website was created to inspire Christian women, and that is what I hope to do – INSPIRE!

My prayer is that you, too, may see the importance of this advice I am about to share, and apply it to your life, as well.

So, there I was, a few weeks ago, sitting at my desk in the middle of paying bills at work, listening to this Christian radio station with my earbuds, when something that was said suddenly perked my interest.

“What is this guy saying?” I prompted myself to listen closely.

I laid down the invoice I was about to pay and grabbed a pen and paper.

Something this speaker said quickened me, and I wanted to write it down. Recognizing this feeling, I knew the Lord had ordained for me to hear something specific for my life at that moment.

A man’s voice was continuing to talk passionately through my earbuds. I turned the volume up so I would not miss anything.

Last Christmas, my husband gave me a pair of Bluetooth earbuds and I absolutely love them. I keep them at work plugged into a charger under my desk. As soon as I am alone in the office, I activate the earbuds, place one in my left ear and turn on either the radio, music, or an eBook, and away I go, doing my office work and enjoying audio entertainment at the same time.

My husband’s gift has blessed me repeatedly.

Sometimes it can get lonely in my office, being the only female. So, I have appreciated other voices streaming through my earbuds to keep me company. Today, my radio companion had something important to say – and I did not want to miss any of it!

My attention was at its peak and I was writing notes furiously, for this topic was speaking directly to my heart!

I missed the speaker’s name, but he was speaking to a live audience of men and women, and everyone was laughing over his depiction of how differently men and women’s brains are wired.

It is always fun to listen to speakers or comedians talk on this subject, because it is so very true, and all couples can relate with our extreme differences.

After bringing out some spiritual truths and laughing over the male’s tendencies, the speaker jumped back to discussing the female’s brain and her tendency to get involved in too many projects.

His contrasting point was that the male brain likes to focus on one project at one time while the female brain likes to focus on MANY projects at one time.

I thought this was a funny comment, and it made me laugh.

Just days before, my husband covered his ears when I was talking to him about another idea for a project I had, and he said, “My ears are hurting! How can you have so many ideas all the time? You literally have 1,000 ideas a day to my one idea. Sometimes it’s too much!”

Of course, he was being funny with me, but it was very truthful at the same time!