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24 Prayer Prompts for Married Women

Use these prompts to cultivate a fulfilling marriage that will lead to a satisfying life of love and respect.

1. Pray for the Lord to bestow grace upon you as you learn to love your husband in the way God intended.

2. Pray for the Lord to grant you wisdom on how to approach your husband with respect and honor, which will soften his heart towards you.

3. Pray for the Lord to give you a new love for your husband.
4. Pray for the Lord to give you understanding on how to live with your husband according to wisdom.

5. Pray for the Lord to strengthen the bond between you and your husband.

6. Ask the Lord to prevent anything from breaking this bond between you and your husband.
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7. Pray for the Lord to give you the gift of a happy heart, singing and making melody in your heart unto the Lord, and filling your home with happiness.

8. Pray for the Lord to give you wisdom in taking care of your home and family.

9. Pray for the Lord to direct and guide your steps everyday, as you commit your plans to Him.

10. Pray for the Lord to impress upon your heart the importance of surrendering every thought and idea to Him - leaving no room for imaginations.
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11. Pray for you to find complete fulfillment and satisfaction within your marriage, as you refocus your energies on home and family.

12. Pray for the Lord to give you a heart of compassion for your husband.

13. Pray that you find complete contentment as a woman of God, a child of God, and as a wife.

14. Pray that you grasp the magnitude of how much your husband and family needs you every day.
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15. Pray that the Lord brings you into His highest purpose as a wife and a woman of God.

16. Ask the Lord for wisdom on how to support your husband as He intended.

17. Pray that you understand why God fearfully and wonderfully created you as a woman, and how you can act more like a woman around your husband.
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18. Ask the Lord to give you peace in all you do around your home, filling your home with every good and pleasant thing.

19. Ask the Lord to give you the heart of a champion, and strength of character to endure long trying circumstances that are out of your control.

20. Ask the Lord to fill your mouth with pleasant words, and help you be careful in what you say.

21. Ask the Lord to fill your heart with the spirit of counsel so you can offer sound advice when your husband needs support.
22. Ask the Lord for a blessing over all you do for your husband, whether it be ironing a shirt or making breakfast, pray a blessing over it all.

23. Ask the Lord for favor as you seek to become a better wife.

24. Give thanks to the Lord for your husband and pray for his salvation everyday.
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