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23 Prayer
Prompts for Wives

Encouragement and Hope for Desperate Wives

1. Pray for divine grace as you learn to love your husband the way God intended.

2. Ask the Lord for wisdom to know how to approach your husband with respect and honor.

3. Ask the Lord to renew the love you once had for your husband.

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4. Pray the Lord gives you understanding on how to live with your husband according to wisdom.

5. Ask the Lord to strengthen the bond between you and your husband.

6. Ask the Lord to prevent anything from breaking the bond of unity between you and your husband.

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7. Ask the Lord to give you a merry heart and fill your home with happiness. Sing songs, rehearse good times, and practice the art of thankfulness.

8. Ask the Lord to give you a love for your home, so it is a place your husband wants to come home to

9. Commit your plans to the Lord at the beginning of your day and ask Him for new ways you could bless your husband, then set out to do them.

10. Surrender every thought to the Lord, and ask Him to remove imaginations that aren't true about your husband.

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11. As your energies get refocused on home and husband, ask the Lord to give you a renewes sense of purpose as a wife, lover and friend.

12. Pray for a heart of compassion and begin to seek the Lord for ways to encourage, bless and build up your husband.

13. Seek to be a pleasing daughter of the King, and be thankful for the husband God provided, and your God-given role as his wife.

14. Pray you realize the "greatness" of your position as influencer, helpmate and counselor.

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15. Seek to be everything God intended you to be as your husband's wife.

16. Are you hindering your husband from entering all God has for his life? Pray you support God's call on his life and not thwart God's plans.

17. Study to understand why God fearfully and wonderfully created you as a woman, and ask Him to help you find ways to be more feminine around your husband.

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18. Pray for the Lord's favor upon your home and marriage as you seek to be pleasing to the Lord in conduct and behavior towards your husband.

19. Ask the Lord to strengthen the commitment you made in marriage and help you to remain faithful to your husband.

20. Pray for grace to prevent harmful language from slipping out and harm all your efforts of being a good wife.

21. Ask the Lord for the spirit of counsel so you can give your husband good, sound advice.

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22. Whether you are ironing your husband's shirt, or making him breakfast --ask the Lord to bless all you do!

23. Pray for grace and beauty to be within the walls of your relationship.

Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. One God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all. But to each one of us grace has been give as Christ apportioned it. (Ephesians 4:1 NIV)

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