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The Miraculous Recovery of My Lost Debit Card

Christian women have faith in God when they believe in Him

When I lost my debit card, I put my hope in God and trusted that things would work out. Miraculously, my lost debit card showed up, reminding me of the power of hope and faith in difficult situations. Read my story of never losing hope and relying on God's guidance.

Miracles Happen Every Day

Without the hope and thrill of a possible miracle happening throughout our day, life could get mundane and even boring!

I'm not talking about the dead getting raised, or the blind being able to see type of miracles --

I'm talking about the times when dinner turns out good, when the car keys are where they are supposed to be, and when fresh brewed coffee is made by someone else other than yourself.

Now, those are miracles! LOL

Then there is the sudden appearance of a missing sock, or when we are on time for work, or we find a dollar bill lying on the sidewalk -- or better yet, a twenty dollar bill!

Miracles do happen, you know! My latest miracle was beyond belief. I literally could not believe what I was looking at.

Where's My Debit Card??!!

I had just spent a rushed hour in the Salvation Army because my husband was waiting for me in his truck. We were wanting to go to a shopping mall, then out to eat afterwards, you know, date-night stuff, but he let me run into the thrift store first.

The bummer was, I had the jitters.

We had just spent a couple of hours visiting with friends, where I eagerly sipped 4 cups of tea.

Yeah, I know - 4 cups of tea!

But it was SO good! The tea had come directly from England on our friend's last trip, and they served it to us in fancy teacups with cream and sugar. I couldn't pass it up!

So, there I was, in the checkout line at Salvation Army with the jitters, trying to evaluate my good finds and whether or not I needed them.

"Do I need this skirt? Do I need this piece of pottery? Is this item half-off?"

My mind was every which way at the counter and the memory of that moment was a blur.

All I remember is my shaking hand holding my debit card, then handing it over to a lady with way too much black eye makeup on, and she asked me to sign something.

Out the door I went to my husband's waiting truck, which soon sped away towards the shopping mall.

My Debit Card is Lost!

I had one goal in mind and that was to look at some Clinique makeup at Macy's.

So, Macy's is directly where we went. It was going to be a short-N-sweet shopping trip, and then off to eat some good food for dinner.

Somewhere along the way, both my husband and I got distracted by the great sales at Macy's. At one point, he was looking at suits that were 50% off and I was browsing jewelry that caught my attention.

When we convened again, we thought it was high-time I bought my makeup, and we were on our way.

Except at the Clinique counter, I couldn't produce my debit card.

By this time, my head was spinning from having way too much caffeine coursing through my body and I couldn't see clearly.

After practically dumping all the items in my cross-body purse out onto the counter, I turned to my husband and said, "Call the Salvation Army right now!"

He looked at me like I was nuts, "What are you talking about?"

I must've looked like a mad woman, because he had no confidence in what I was saying, let alone the way I was acting.

Thank goodness I could still find my Macy's credit card. I made my makeup purchase then ran to the nearest bench to call the Salvation Army.

They were closed! No one was answering!

I rushed my husband out of the shopping mall and we drove back to the thrift store in hopes of finding my lost debit card in the parking lot or something.

The Search For My Lost Debit Card

Whew! The lights were still on inside the Salvation Army and there were 2 cars parked outside. So, I pounded on the front doors.

After about 3 minutes a bewildered lady unlocked the door and asked, "Can I help you?"

"I believe I left my bank debit card on the counter earlier. Can I check?"

She felt bad for me, so she let me in. I must've looked panicked.

Suddenly, the lady with too much black eye makeup showed up and began looking for my debit card. But to no avail. It was nowhere to be found.

My husband asked me to look in every nook and cranny in my purse, in my jean pockets, in my coat pockets, and in my thrift store shopping bags.

Nope. Gone.

But I didn't feel like it was lost.

We were concerned and began asking the Lord what we should do.

A Step Of Faith

The first step was to call the bank hotline. I spoke to a kind female who suggested I place a hold on the debit card since I felt like it was still in my possession, I just couldn't find it.

For the next several days, we searched for that missing debit card.

My husband went through the truck again. I went through my purse again.

It was gone. I was sick with what this meant for me.

Have you ever lost a credit card? Or a bank debit card? It disrupts so many accounts online and stops all automatic payments. It can be very frustrating getting those accounts restored.

I kept telling my husband, "I feel like the card is still in my possession somewhere."

He had a hard time believing this because we had looked EVERYWHERE.

The Miraculous Appearance Of The Lost Debit Card

Then, one afternoon, a few days later, while I was sitting at my desk at work, I opened up my purse to look at my notary card. And there it was.

The missing debit card was sitting between my notary card and my insurance card.

As I was holding it in my hand, my eyes couldn't believe what I was seeing!

I praised and thanked the Lord! So much relief washed over me!

Then I was amazed. The debit card WAS in my possession the whole time.

Miracles Build The Faith O God In Our Hearts

The Lord had given me a gut-feeling that the card was still in my possession, I just couldn't see it. This was His plan on how to build my faith in God.

Isn't faith like that? Sometimes we get discouraged and feel low about life. Faith seems out of reach somehow, like it is lost.

But faith is resting right below the surface, unseen, just waiting to be revealed again. Once faith arises in our hearts, healing can occur and our hearts can be healed from hurts and offenses. Letting faith bloom in our heart is an important part of being a Christian.

When we go to the Lord right away, He can touch us and make us whole, and heal all of our emotional wounds.

Faith is a precious gift from God and we never want to disregard its part in our spiritual walk.

2 Corinthians 5:7

Walk by faith and not by sight.

Mark 11:22

Have faith in God, Mark 11:22.

Romans 8:28

All things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purposes.

Recognizing God's Hand In Miracles

I'm thankful for the many miracles that happened during my search for the missing debit card.

The lady who unlocked the closed doors at the Salvation Army didn't have too, but she did, and I was able to speak to the lady with the black eye makeup who took my payment.

The kind rep I spoke with on the bank hotline didn't have to suggest I place a "hold" on my card, but she did. I didn't even know there was a difference between placing a "hold" and "cancelling" a debit card.

But because she suggested I place a "hold," on the card instead of cancelling it, all I had to do was call the bank hotline again and lift the hold.

I was able to use my debit card immediately!

If I had cancelled the debit card, there would've been a 10 day wait period for a new one to get mailed to me. And we all know, it takes way longer than 10 days for a new debit card to appear in the mail.

The Lord Orchestrates the Events Of Our Day To Build Our Faith In God

See how the Lord was in everything that happened? Those are everyday miracles, and I believe everyday miracles happen to women of faith all the time.

Looking back on everything that transpired, I must believe that the Lord was orchestrating all these little miracles to build my faith! Just like he wants to build your faith too!

He desires that we put all of our TRUST in Him. In EVERY circumstance.

Sometimes we question frustrating things that happen during the day but think of it as the Lord orchestrating events behind the scenes that will cause our hearts to turn towards Him.

My husband was astonished when I told him I had found my missing debit card! In my purse of all places! We had gone through that purse so many times... but, then all of a sudden, my eyes were opened and I saw the lost debit card!

It was a wonderful miracle!

Faith Keeps Our Hope Alive

I felt the Lord's spirit lead me to believe the debit card was still in my possession somewhere. Even though everything pointed to hope being lost, my heart said, "believe." The Lord proved Himself faithful to me! For indeed this was a miracle! In so many ways!

I hope I never underestimate the little things that make life exciting! Even if they are clothed in "frustration" sometimes.

This situation made me turn to the Lord and ask Him for help, and He proved Himself faithful. Believing in everyday miracles builds our faith 🤍 Plus, it keeps our hope alive!

Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart - and lean not on your own understanding. In ALL your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.

Keep fighting the good fight of faith dear friends!




The Founder

of My Sun & Shade Ministries

© My Sun & Shade Ministries


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