How I Found Healing in the Midst of a CRAZY Busy Life

Crying and praying, I sat in my car, covering my face with my hands, asking the Lord to forgive me, and help me be more compassionate to other people.

I didn’t even care if anyone saw me blubbering and carrying on.

My heart was ripping in two and I couldn’t see past the disappointment I held against myself.

The Lord had opened my eyes to see what a wretch I was!

Wiping away tears, I called out to the Lord, asking Him to give me another chance to show love towards someone in the community.

I had missed my opportunity the night before and my remorse was great because it filled me with a daunting realization of my true self.

I lacked compassion when it mattered most.

Does anyone ever wonder how they will respond in a crisis?

Well, my suggestion is to prepare yourself now. Because I wasn’t prepared. Emotionally or physically.

My eyes filled with tears once again, as I looked out my car windows...

It was a beautiful day and I would’ve enjoyed this little shopping excursion after my long teaching day had my heart not been so heavy.

I was just so disappointed in myself!!

It didn’t help that today’s Bible Lesson in Kindergarten had been on The Good Samaritan, because I was everything BUT a good Samaritan yesterday.

Feeling guilty, shameful and a little sorry for myself, I lifted a prayer unto the Lord again, asking Him to help me.

“Lord, please forgive me... I’m sure you noticed my response to the situation last night... and were disappointed in me…”

Please give me another chance to show your heart of compassion towards someone in need, and help me pull myself together for my son’s birthday party tonight.

As I lifted this prayer to the Lord, my heart softened before Him, knowing full well He was doing a deep work in my life through this whole experience.

Then, I noticed a lady up ahead pushing a cart full of groceries in a frantic way.

“Awww,” I thought. “She can’t find her car.” Poor lady.

I knew that look on her face because I have been in that same position before - lost in a parking lot!