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Spiritual support for Christian women

If you're seeking spiritual growth, or just want some inspiration and motivation, this blog offers a fresh and honest look on what it means to be a Christian woman in today's world.

My blog posts are a testament to the power of faith and its ability to transform lives. So why not explore the blog and see where it takes you?

I share my personal experiences of living a life that is centered around God and his teachings. My blog posts demonstrate how faith can help us live a simple, beautiful life as a wife, mother, and ministry leader. 

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Explore the Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts from the Read-Pray-Sing Blog. Discover a variety of topics on personal growth and spiritual development, plus lots of personal testimonies. Find inspiration, tips, and valuable insights.

Put your faith into action at home, in your marriage, and at your workplace for a brighter, more fulfilling life. Express your love for the Lord with our list of 15 Ways to Shine for the glory of God.

15 ways to practice your faith

As a parent, it can be difficult to watch our children grow up and face the challenges of adulthood. Prayer can be a powerful tool for parents and grandparents who are concerned about their adult children's direction, salvation, and life partner.


Our mission is to provide anointed Prayers for Adult Children that will enable parents and grandparents to pray for their grown sons, daughters, and grandchildren, in more specific ways.

Submit a Prayer Request and we will pray with you!

Moms praying for adult children and grandchildren

Personalized Prayer Cards for Adult Children

Prayer prompts for wives, mothers, and new Christians

Women from all walks of life are finding support with our Prayer Prompts that encourage women to pray more specifically for their personal and spiritual needs.


These Prayer Prompts can help you grow as a Christian woman and will teach you how to put your faith in God.

More Spiritual Support

Spiritual and personal development for women


Seek God First
and Find Joy

Find joy and direction in your spiritual journey by applying the Biblical principle of seeking God's kingdom first, and then, watch how "all these things" will be added unto you. (Matthew 6:33)


Develop and Practice Habits Consistent with
Women of Faith

Develop a sense of what God is expecting from you as a Christian woman in today's world and maintain integrity, modesty, and good will towards your husband, and your family.


Pray Daily for Renewed Faith and Hope

When women of Christian faith practice praying every day, they receive spiritual healing, protection, blessings of peace and comfort, and they develop a deeper connection with their Heavenly Father.

Join forces with us to instill the love of righteousness in the hearts of children!

Our commitment is to provide engaging Bible Coloring Pages, Scripture Verse Printables, and Sunday School Lessons for teachers and leaders to use for ministry or homeschooling purposes.

These digital coloring pages and worksheet bundles are available in PDF format and can be downloaded easily on your phone or computer.

Whether you are a youth leader, a children's church coordinator, or a homeschooling mom, these digital downloads are sure to be a blessing!

Lessons for Sunday school

The Lord's Prayer for Kids

Inspire Children to Memorize The Lord's Prayer with Fun, Captivating Coloring Pages