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Teach your kids the power of prayer with this adorable Every Day Prayer coloring page! Let your children read, pray, and color the page with markers or crayons. Then hang it up in their bedroom or by their school desk as a daily reminder to pray to God.


This Every Day Prayer is suitable for 3-12 years of age.


I've been teaching Sunday School to children ages 3 - 12 years for over 20+ years and have found great joy in designing exciting Bible coloring pages and worksheets to go with different Bible lessons --and this Every Day Prayer Coloring Page was so much fun to create!


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Raising Christian kids can be a challenge in today's world. Educating them on how to find God in every day moments is important  for building their faith. Are you interested in teaching your children how to pray?


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Here is a description of The "Every Day Prayer":


He wakes me up, He makes me sleep.

Provides for me the food I eat.

When I cry, I call on Him,

Because I know, with Him I win.

Even through the hardest day,

I trust in Him in every way.

He's the One who sees me through,

Jesus lives, I know it's true.

With loving-kindness, He smiles on me,

Because He dies, I am free.

Lord, for all I thank You so,

I Know You'll never let me go!



Wasn't that a fun prayer? I can't take the credit for writing it, I found it online as public domain property.


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Many blessings to you and enjoy teaching your children about God and His ways!


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Much Love,



The Founder of

My Sun & Shade Ministries



Every Day Prayer: Protect Kids at Home & School | Coloring Page

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