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Enhance your Sunday School Lessons with this adorable coloring page illustration of Psalm 119:11, "Thy word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against thee."


I love to teach children about hiding God's word in their heart, and it becomes so much fun when I can use this coloring page to go along with my lesson.


This coloring page is one of my favorites because it showcases a boy and a girl holding a big heart. Not only does the illustration symbolize that we are to love one another, but that we should love one another with BIG hearts! And all of this becomes possible when God's word abides with us and in us. 


I've taught children of all ages this lesson and every one of them love to color this page. Their favorite part is writing their name in the center of the big heart  - it's so cute! Even the 12 year olds love this part!


If you are a homeschooling mom - God bless you! I was one too, many moons ago. I actually loved every minute of it! My kids did too! They are in their mid-twenties now and still bring up good memories of our homeschooling days. Be sure to check out our other digital Bible lessons and coloring pages HERE!


If you are a Sunday School teacher, you may be looking for a new creative idea. Check out our online shop for more coloring pages and craft ideas!


Permission to make as many copies as needed. Not for resale.


God bless you! You have a tremendous job of teaching your little ones about God and His ways. May the Lord give you wisdom and grace to educate your children. There is no greater blessing then to watch your kids grow and learn about God and continue to serve Him into adulthood.


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Psalm 119:11 Coloring Page: Hide God's Word in Your Heart | Teach Importance

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