Waking up this morning I was more tired than usual having put in a full week.

Wanting to absorb a little time with the Lord in spite of my tiredness, I opened my Bible.

My reading has been in the book of Job, and lately I’ve received a new heart for this book.

In the past I struggled to understand the meaning and purpose behind this story.

It seemed like a lot of back and forth dialogue between Job and his friends that didn’t mount to anything.

But upon a deeper look, this is not the case.

First off, Job faced one catastrophe after another.

He was in despair, and now boils covered his whole body.

His friends came to comfort him.

But upon seeing him, didn't even recognize him because of the disfigurement of the boils.

Job's grief was great.

Yes, dialogue did occur between Job and his friends.

But not the sort of dialogue that brought comfort.

His friends were suggesting he had sinned somehow, and that is why he was facing such horrible circumstances.

Had Job sinned?

No, this wasn't the case, quite the opposite in fact.

Job confessed to his friends that he had not sinned.

He is confused as to why such things had come upon him.

He even wished he were dead.

Why did Job wish he were dead?

Because of the severity of his grief and circumstances.

He was also confused over the mere fact that he was a faithful servant to God, yet others sinned and didn't face any punishment.

If Job was a faithful servant to God, then why was he getting tried?

Job was getting tried because Satan wanted to bait him into sinning.

He claimed God had sheltered him from difficulties and that is why Job was serving him so faithfully.