Is Darkness Blinding You?

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Open my eyes Lord, that I might see!

I had my annual eye check-up recently, and was told once again that I needed bifocals, except this time, I didn't fight it, but gladly said, "Yes, I know, please help me."

Four years ago, I wasn't so eager.

I had just turned forty, and my optometrist at the time, mentioned the idea of bifocals to me, which I balked at and said, "Yeah, right, I'm not that old yet."

"Give me a break," I thought, I just turned forty. Let me adjust to this before you throw in the fact my body is degenerating already.

Anyways, here I am, four years later, and this time around I'm agreeing with the optometrist heartily, and asking for help.

Yes. I had noticed my steady decline in vision, and gladly confessed it, ok, let's move on.

After my check up, it was time to get fitted for new glasses.

Sitting across the table from the service tech, who was very chatty, and happy to help I might add. in fact, she was so eager to help me, she even picked out my new frames, and did a good job too.

As I sat in my chair, she proceeded to place a measuring instrument against my face, as to align it with my eyes. Then she cocked her head, and asked me if I could see the light with both eyes, and I said, "No", only with my left eye." Then she took it down, checked a few things, and placed the instrument against my face again. Still, no light in my left eye.

After a couple more times of doing this, she tried to shake it to make the light work, and when that didn't work, she said, "I think this one is broken, let me find another one."

Being confident that this new measuring instrument was in good working order, she lifted it up to my face, and asked, "Can you see the light now?"

"Yes, I could see the light."

Then she leaned forward across the table, and said, "You know, one time, I was measuring a guy for glasses, and I thought the measuring unit was broken, because when I looked through the instrument, there was no light reflecting off of his right eye."

"It spooked me," she said. "So I questioned him about this, and he said he was blind in that eye."

We discussed this phenomenon of a blind eye not reflecting light for a while afterwards. She went on to say that she knew the instrument was in working order, because the light was reflecting off the right eye like it was supposed to, and she could see that the instrument was sending light to the left eye, but there was no reflection of light, just darkness.

I really couldn't believe this concept, I just have never known that our eyes reflect light like this.

When a light is shined into an eye, it reflects light back, and when an eye is blind, it reflects nothing, even when a light is being shined directly into it. Perhaps I had been taught this in science class at some point, but right now, it was amazing me.

While she was talking, my thoughts went directly to the book of 1 John, where it refers to walking as Children of Light, "God is light and in Him is no darkness.."I kept thinking of how we are supposed to be reflecting the nature of Christ, the love of Christ, and the Light of Christ in all that we do.

"God is light and in Him is no darkness..."

This thought of absorbing His Light while reading His Word, or spending time with the Lord, kept r