A Divine Appointment

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Waking up with a headache one day last month, I decided to force myself out of bed.

The smell of coffee had made its way up the stairs and into my bedroom, drawing me into the land of the living.

Once on the couch, coffee in hand, I tossed around the idea of cancelling my first of two appointments that morning due to my pounding headache.

Frustrated with myself for having made my first appointment SO early...and on my morning off of work too. When I could’ve stayed in bed for a whole extra hour...

While at work the day before, I reminded my boss of these two appointments scheduled, and that I would be a little late in coming to work the next morning.

"Hmm," I thought, skipping that first appointment would allow me just enough time to lounge a little longer... have a second cup of coffee... and try to fend off this pounding headache."

it was starting to sound like a good plan to me...

Massaging my temples, and debating whether to take some ibuprofen or not, I wondered why of all the mornings, my head hurt so badly? As I contemplated this, I started to have second thoughts about skipping any of my appointments.

Thinking back to something my husband said in a sermon recently about "us opposing ourselves and letting our flesh rule our spirit," and in doing so, we are preventing ourselves from being sensitive to what the Holy Spirit is leading us to do. Thus opposing ourselves.

Often times we give into our flesh which doesn't want to be pressed or changed in any way, but wants to give in to all our whims and desires... and headaches.

Checking the time on my cell phone, I noticed I would have to get moving if I was going to get to that first appointment.

Even as I write this, I’m amazed at how the Holy Spirit was reminding me of my husband's preaching at church lately. Almost as if those messages were spoken for me to recall at this very moment.

My husband, who is a local pastor, had been speaking on being careful what you listen to, and one of his points were, “Don’t give in so easily to inclinations that cross your mind, because they may have been birthed by the enemy, or birthed out of our own fleshly desires, but carefully consider your course of action before you act upon a feeling or thought.”

He gave a brief example of someone giving into the feeling of being 'a little under the weather’ and skipping a church service because they didn’t 'feel' good, when in actuality, God had something special waiting for them to receive at that service, but since they weren’t there, they missed out on what God would’ve had for them.

This brief statement he made during a sermon is what was sticking out to me now, and with these thoughts in mind, I began to feel convicted.

Surely I didn't want to miss out on anything God had for me just because I had a headache. "What if this headache was from the enemy somehow? Wanting to prevent me from going to my appointments...?"

Forcing myself into the shower; believing with everything in me that I was doing the right thing, I turned to the Lord for strength to press ahead with the morning, and as I did so, the headache lessened and the morning brain fog started to lift.

Letting the warm water run over me, it was clear more than ever, “Yes, I needed to keep my word and go to both of my appointments this morning, headache and all.”

So, not giving in to nursing my headache, I mustered up some strength, took some ibuprofen, and got dressed for the day.

An hour later I arrived at my first appointment, right on time, and feeling like I did the right thing.

During the course of the appointment my friend asked me how my daughter’s wedding went the month before, and I proceeded to tell her all the details with great enthusiasm, answering all her questions and probably giving her more information than she wanted to hear, also noting my headache was totally gone by now...hmm, that's interesting.