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"The Lord is My Shepherd" Coloring Worksheet Set for Children


Get ready for some faith-filled coloring magic with our digital pack of seven worksheets inspired by the beautiful Psalm 23. Watch as your little ones discover how the Lord is always by our side, just like a caring shepherd with his flock. And for those crafty kids, we've even included a cover sheet to create booklets of their vibrant masterpieces!


Memory Verse

The set also includes the complete Psalm 23 scripture passage as a memory verse to recite and memorize.


Suitable for All Ages

This Sunday school lesson is ideal for children and young people aged 3-12 years old.


Digital Download Information

Once you purchase this digital download, you can begin to use the worksheets right away. Follow these simple steps:


  • Purchase.
  • Download the digital files.
  • Print on 8.5”x11” paper.
  • Pass out the pages to the youth in your class or Bible study.
  • Let the coloring and fun begin!


Seven Possible Weekly Lessons

This purchase includes:


  • A cover sheet for creating craft booklets with youth.
  • The entire Scripture passage from Psalm 23, (split into 3 pages) including illustrations and text children can color.
  • Fill-in-the-blank coloring pages where children can write down the missing words.
  • Use all pages to create 7 weekly lessons discussing and memorizing The Lord's Prayer.


Create a craft booklet the children can take home!


About the Youth Craft Booklet


Merge the pages and fasten the "The Lord is My Shepherd" cover page, then hand out the booklet to every little scholar in your class or Bible study group.


Printing Instructions

Please ensure your printer is set for 8.5"x11" copy paper, and the setting is one-side printing, in grayscale. This will ensure the best possible product.


About the Coloring Worksheet Set

All coloring sheets and worksheets emphasize the Bible truth of the Lord being our Shepherd and taking care of us, as found in Psalm Chapter 23 in the Old Testament. All illustrations are original copyrighted material.


More Information

This is a digital product and will be available for download after purchase. Permission is granted to make as many copies as needed, but not for resale.


Free Coloring Pages

For more Bible-related teaching resources and free coloring pages, visit My Sun & Shade Ministries – we love inspiring teachers!


My Sun & Shade Ministries


The Lord is My Shepherd - Psalm 23 - Coloring Page Bundle

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