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Looking for a way to introduce your children to the concept of prayer? Look no further than this comprehensive digital resource! The package comes with eight pages of engaging activities, worksheets, and coloring pages that will teach your children how to pray and recognize the importance of doing so.


What's Included in the Digital File?


Personalized Cover Sheet with your child's name and favorite colors

A coloring page that discusses the five types of prayer: praying for others, self, expressing gratitude to the Lord, asking for forgiveness, and praising the Lord

A worksheet with sentences about prayer that your child can trace and color

A page where children can write specific morning, noon, and night prayers, emphasizing the importance of praying three times a day

A page where children can create 7 prayer prompts with illustrations to color

A chance for children to take a closer look at 1 Thessalonians 5:17 (pray without ceasing) and submit their prayers to the Lord

"Thank You God" is the title of a prayer poem for kids to read, learn, and color

"Every Day Prayer" is another prayer poem children can read, learn, and color


Who is this Resource Suitable for?

This digital resource is perfect for children aged 3-12 years old. The activities and worksheets are easy to understand, making it an excellent tool for teaching young children about prayer.


More Information

This digital product will be available for download immediately after purchase. Permission is granted to make as many copies as needed, but not for resale.



Please make sure your printer is set to 8.5"x11" copy paper, one-sided printing, and grayscale. This will ensure the best possible product.

Free Coloring Pages

For more Bible-related teaching resources and free coloring pages, visit My Sun & Shade Ministries – a great source of inspiration for teachers everywhere!



My Sun & Shade Ministries

Teach Kids to Pray - Coloring Page Bundle - 8 Pages

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