I am the founder of My Sun & Shade -- but I am also the wife to my beloved Aaron, a pastor's wife to our church, a mom to three incredible adults, a grandma to Levi, and an administrative assistant who loves to write songs and blog on the side!

My journey began in the flatlands of Michigan and is now taking place in the hills of Western New York, where we live on a 50'x100' ft lot with our two dachshunds, Sammy and Brody.

Life is going pretty good right about now! After ending a season where I worked two jobs (50+ hours a week). I am back down to only working one job.

What am I going to do with all this extra time on my hands now? LOL! I'm hoping to wrap up a few of my projects

this summer -- but not unless I get a good amount of rest in first. I've got to Rest to be my Best per my own blog post advice!

So how do I rest? You can usually find me sipping a coffee out on my front porch while I watch the world go by, or sitting on the back deck enjoying the quietness of an enclosed backyard. Sometimes my comfy couch calls my name, then I curl up and read a book, watch Blue Bloods, or have wonderful long chats with family and friends.


Or, if I have a stretch of a couple of hours to spare -- you can find me chilling in my office, playing my keyboard, creating art or writing blog posts!

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Prayers for Patience

Waiting to be Used of God



I feel very overlooked at times and feel that You don’t see me or noticed all my personal desires that have gone unfulfilled. Others seem to get Your notice first and I’m growing impatient. When I notice that You have given to another person the very thing that I’ve been praying for and waiting with all my heart for, I start to feel weak and vulnerable inside. That is when the enemy comes in like a flood and destroys the peace within my very being. All grace and poise leave me and I lash out at my loved ones. This destroys the peace within my home and then my loved ones lash out at me. My reserve of strength and grace is depleted within seconds of finding out someone else received something I was longing for.



This shouldn't be Lord. I know it isn’t right. When will my heart accept that You have a different plan for each of us? I know You have an appointed time to answer each prayer. There should be happiness that comes over me when finding out someone was blessed or received kudos for their talents.



Father please help me this day to be patient and wait for You to move in my life and wait for You to release what You have given me. There is an appointed time of release. You have told us not to grow weary in well doing; to pray at all times; to rejoice always. This is the state You would like to find us, but often times we are bemoaning our station of life, or the lack of opportunity.



“All things work together for good to those that love God and are called according to your purposes.” As I hold this verse before me I give You praise. For You are good and faithful. This verse brings comfort to me, as it confirms that good things will come to those who love You and are patient in waiting for You. The reaper must wait for that which is sown to come to fruition. Lord allow your perfect work to be done in my heart as I learn to be patient and wait for You to move.



May I focus my heart on doing what is before me this day to the best of my ability. Crown my day with Your loving kindnesses that I may be a beacon of Light to others. Empower me with Your divine grace to accept my circumstances and embrace Your purposes for my life.



Thank You Father,



Let Us Run With Patience

Heavenly Father,

Giving You all glory today, and counting it all joy to follow You, I come before Your heavenly throne now, to acknowledge You as the Great Shepherd of my life, for I know that only peace will come into my heart, as I settle myself , letting You take the lead.

There is nothing worth doing on this earth, if YOU haven't purposed it for my life. What safety there is in trusting You to lead me! Please help me to rest in this thought of letting YOU choose for me. My heart wants to do so many things today, and they are all good, but You want me to do ONLY the thing YOU purposed for me to do today.

Father, as I seek to do YOUR will for my life today, and look to You for the direction my steps should take, I pray that patience would have its perfect work in me. 

May I continue to "run my race", as I patiently wait for the fulfillment of desires to come. Trusting and knowing that You, my Great Shepherd see and know all things, and will lead me in the way I should go in His perfect time.

I place my complete trust in You on this new day, this gift from God, and will patiently wait for You to move on my behalf.

With love, honor, and respect for the Precious name of Jesus,