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Teaching kindergarten children their ABC's

Teaching From the Heart

Teaching kids is my passion, and I had the awesome experience of teaching kindergarten for a whole school year at a local Christian school that was in need. My "teacher's heart" was put into practice with much effort and zeal!

I do not have a formal education in teaching so I was nervous when I had my interview, but when the supervisor of the school heard of my experience with teaching kids in homeschool and Sunday school, AND witnessed my enthusiasm - he offered me the teaching job on the spot!

I've included a picture of my kindergarten class right after we came back from kindergarten graduation. The kids had changed their clothes and wanted to celebrate the awesome job they did in their graduation program!

The school presented me with a bouquet of sunflowers after our program. I was so honored and blessed. Sunflowers are my favorite flower!

The Lord's Prayer for Kids

Inspire Children to Memorize The Lord's Prayer with Fun, Captivating Coloring Pages

The Lord's Prayer for kids
The Lords Prayer Worksheets Coloring Pages.png

God Loves You

Engaging Bible Coloring Pages and Lesson Plan for Teaching About God's Love

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God Loves You Coloring Pages for Kids

The Holy Trinity for Kids

Creative Coloring Pages and Lesson Plan for Teachers Explaining The Holy Trinity to Children

The Holy Trinity Bible Lesson for Kids
Teach kids about the Trinity, God the Father, God the Son, Craft Booklet Sunday school les

ABC Bible Verse Coloring Pages

Captivating ABC Coloring Pages with Bible Verses to Build Faith in Kids' Hearts

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Christian ABC's for kids to color and learn

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