I am the founder of My Sun & Shade - but I am also the wife to my beloved Aaron, a pastor's wife to our church, a mom/mom-in-law to three incredible adults, a grandma to Levi, and an administrative assistant who loves to write songs and blog on the side!

My journey began in Michigan and is now

taking place in Western New York, where we live on a 50'x100' Ft. lot with our two dachshunds, Sammy and Brody.

Life is going pretty good right about now. 

I just ended a season working two jobs,

putting in about 50+ hours a weeks.

My goals for the future? Well, I'm hoping to wrap up a few of my projects

this summer -- but not unless I get a good

amount of rest in first. I've got to Rest to

be my Best per my own blog post advice!

So how do I rest? You can usually find me sipping coffee out on my front porch, or on my deck in the backyard.

Or, if I get lucky, I will diddle-daddle in my office for a few hours, playing my keyboard, or writing my blog posts.

Well, enough about me! How about you?

Hey, since you stopped by - Follow me on this journey called life at My Sun & Shade - you might just add a little sunshine to your life!

What is
My Sun & Shade all About?


Since the moment I married, I wanted to be the BEST wife I could be, and since the moment I became a mom, I wanted to be the BEST mom I could be.

Now that my children are grown, I want to be the BEST ME I can be.

This website is filled with tidbits of wisdom and information that have gathered from books, testimonies, personal experiences and lots and lots of life lessons from over the years.

There is a faith-filled super-power that enables one to accomplish amazing things while functioning under love, and it is called - grace.


There is nothing more rewarding in this life than being happy and loving every day.


Naturally, life gets us down sometimes, but having our focus centered on the One who is the source of life can help us stabilize our emotions -- which is usually where we fall short (smile).

For one reason or another, our days can tumble out of control very quickly and we can find ourselves angry and resentful at the end of the day; lashing out at our loved ones.

The only way to prevent ourselves from slipping into “mean mode” and find true peace in the midst of a busy crazy day is by receiving grace from above.

How do we receive grace from above?

First, we have to be open to the thought of a God in heaven who loves us and wants the very best for us.

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When we open ourselves to this thought, a softening begins to happen within our heart.

This softening allows there to be room for a change to take place.

When we open up to this change, a transfer of divine grace can happen.

This divine grace causes us to have a faith-filled super power that enables us to do our tasks with a covering of love and grace.

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As we function under this divine grace, peace will fill our heart and we ill find true balance in our lives.

Only then will we be able to feel our best and act our best in any situation.

Making Time for Change


Instead of scrolling on Facebook or Pinterest, we need to take that time to sit quietly and meditate on what is important to us, being thankful for family and provisions.

Having a thankful heart does the heart and soul a lot of good.

Reading our favorite devotional or Bible can help our spirit soften towards the idea of receiving divine grace and peace from above.


Prayers for Peace

Prayers for Direction

Prayers for Comfort

Becoming My Best Self

Taking time to refresh oneself in the word of God and renew inner strength before the day gets busy is a wise move, and sets the whole day up for success.

Focusing on positive things, giving thanks, reading Scripture or praying, are all ways we could center ourselves in God.

Taking time to do these things will change our perspective and give us a better outlook, thus causing us to act our very best.

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Working With Your Schedule

I find that the morning hours are when I have the most time to meditate, pray and read my Bible.

Finding the perfect time and being consistent is the key.

Change Will Come

A transfer of grace will start to happen as we open our heart to God and remain open up to the thought of Him loving us and wanting the best for us.

Asking Him to guide our steps throughout the day and pour out grace to be our best, only leads to blessing. He is waiting for us to come to Him for help.

"Ask and it shall be given, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door will be opened", (Matthew 7:7, KJV).

We simply have to ask for this divine grace and God freely gives it.

A noticeable covering of grace will fall upon us as we meditate on God's word and ask for divine grace.


This will affect our life in many ways.

Our Best Self

Once divine grace has been transferred to our heart, we can start fulfilling our duties with loving grace immediately.

We will be able to present our BEST SELF to our family, friends and co-workers.

Offering patience, kindness, forgiveness and mercy.

As grace is transferred to our heart, we are able to pour out to others with love.

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​The Lord wants us to have an abundant life, full of joy, and He has made a way for us to experience this joy and happiness in our everyday life.


A major key to joy and happiness is a simple thing called giving thanks.

Being thankful allows blessings to flow freely.

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He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life

There is no other way to becoming our BEST SELF except through the Lord.

Having this as our focus will renew our purpose in life, and we will find ourselves full of grace - putting our BEST SELF forward.

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​A Good Mom and A Loving Wife

Over the years, I have learned that spending time alone in prayer and meditation was more important than any other thing I wanted to do.


As I matured in the Lord, I realized He wanted to spend time with me, too. 

My times of devotion and prayer became essential in finding grace and strength to becoming a good mom and loving wife

Now I have a life's worth of examples and testimonies to share with other women!

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Sharing What I've Learned

​I am in the process of writing my first book, in which I hope to convey more of my faith and testimony.

In the meantime I have been sharing blog posts that feature personal experiences and testimonies that build faith, share love and give insight into living an abundant Christian life.


Welcome to My Sun & Shade!


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