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Called by God to Share Faith

Embracing Our Mission at My Sun & Shade Ministries

1. Called to Share My Faith through this Website.

A few years ago, after moving into our current home, my son helped me purchase a new desktop computer and I felt inspired to write a memoir on my experiences of believing in God as a young girl up until I was married.

For many mornings, I woke up at 4:30 am to work on this project. After 15 months I had completed over 200 pages! Yay! I'm praying for a release date of 2024!! Please pray for the completion of this book.


Another inspiration came over me during the early morning hours of writing my memoir, and that was to start an inspirational lifestyle blog for Christian women with lifestyle tips on marriage & family faith-building blog posts, and powerful tools for prayer.

This inspiration was planted in my heart by the Lord, and I know this to be a fact, because I never thought of myself as an author, let alone a blogger! So, with a huge leap of faith -- here I am!  Writing blog posts,  articles, prayers, and lifestyle tips for marriage and family! With a book to be released... in the near future!


So, little by little, a website was built, a team was gathered, and the whole process has been super fun and, actually, very fulfilling because I know the Lord is in it. I have enjoyed writing every blog post, every prayer, and every other article or lifestyle tip I've added to this website. Many thanks to my beautiful daughter Avery, who has edited many blog posts and articles for me! She's the best!

Also, many thanks to the members who offer their encouragement and support by way of emails, text messages, blog comments, and phone calls. You know who you are --may the Lord bless you!

Join many women of faith who are members of this website and have access to FREE teaching resources, coloring pages and Bible study tools.

2. Called to Inspire Other Women to Embrace Boldness and Confidence with their Giftings or Ministry.

3. Called to Encourage Women to Be their BEST SELF at Whatever Task is Before Them.

4. Called to Create FREE Downloads Other Ministries Can Use to Share and Teach the Word of God.

5. Called to Create and Sell Products Designed to Promote Scripture and the Spreading of God's Word through home décor, office products, books, and printable bundles for Sunday school.

6. Good Reads for Becoming an Inspirational Christian Women!

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My Sun & Shade Ministries is a creative platform that aims to ignite passion for life in women of all ages through Christian blog posts, articles, and prayers. As a pastor's wife, I understand the importance of living each day full of purpose, spending time in self-reflection, and appreciating life lessons.

 If you're looking for an encouraging and uplifting way to start your day, then spend some time reading through what I share in the READ-PRAY-SING Blog!

Angie has served in ministry with her husband for over 20 years. Read more about their life together, why this website was created, and what keeps them busy.


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From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the LORD'S name should be praised, Psalm 113:3.

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