I am Angie! The founder of My Sun & Shade Ministries! But, most importantly I am the wife to my beloved Aaron of 27 years --and counting! A pastor's wife to our church, a mom to three incredible adults, a grandma to Levi, and an administrative assistant who loves to write songs and blog on the side!

My journey began in the flatlands of Michigan where Aaron and I grew up, fell in love, married, and raised our kids. Now our journey continues in the hills of Western New York where we live on a 50'x100' ft city lot with our two dachshunds, Brody.

Life is going pretty good right about now! After ending a season where I worked two jobs (50+ hours a week). I am back down to only working one job, which feels really good!!

What am I doing with all this extra time on my hands now? LOL! I'm hoping to wrap up a few of my projects I've got brewing on the side.

When I'm not working on one of my projects, and it's nice outside, you can usually find me sipping a coffee on my front porch, or sitting on the back deck enjoying great conversations with family and friends.


When it's cold outside? Well, sometimes, my comfy couch calls my name, and you can find me watching reruns of Blue Bloods, Monk or Psych.

But, if I have a stretch of a couple of hours all to myself? You will probably find me in my tropical-themed office, playing my keyboard, creating art, or writing blog posts!

Angie's Blog @ My Sun & Shade was created for the purpose of inspiring the hearts of Christian women, their children, and their families.

Introduction to My Sun & Shade.

Inspired to Write

A few years ago after moving into our current home, my son helped me purchase a new desktop computer and it inspired me to write a memoir on my experiences of believing in God as a young girl.

For many mornings, I woke up at 4:30 am to work on this project. After 15 months I had completed over 200 pages! Yay! But, an editor has made a few suggestions for revisions and now my manuscript sits on a shelf in my office, waiting for my attention... and finding time to get back to working on this project has been tough --prayers needed please!


Another inspiration came over me during the early morning hours of writing my memoir, and that was to start an inspirational lifestyle blog for Christian women on marriage & family,  faith, hope, and prayer.

This inspiration was truly birthed of the Lord, for I never thought of myself as an author, let alone a blogger! So, with a huge leap of faith -- here I am!  Writing blog post articles, prayers and lifestyle tips for marriage and family! With a book to be released... in the near future!


So, little by little, a website was built, a team was gathered, and the whole process has been super fun and, actually, very fulfilling because I know the Lord is in it.

I have enjoyed writing every blog post, every prayer, and every other article or lifestyle tip I've added to this website.

Many thanks to my beautiful daughter Avery, who has edited many blog post articles for me! She's the best!

Also, many thanks to the members who offer their encouragement and support by way of emails, text messages, and phone calls. You know who you are --may the Lord bless you!

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