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To have a devotion with the Lord means to show your love, loyalty, and enthusiasm for God by spending a few minutes of your day with Him.

It is SO hard to find time for a devotion if your schedule is jammed pack OR if you don't make time for it during your day.

I faced a similar situation a few months ago and I wrote a blog post about it: My Daily Bread.

In the post I described finding communion with the Lord during my busy day while finding moments to turn my attention heavenward. It brought such life to me during that time.

On days when I can curl up on the couch, I enjoy picking up my favorite devotional, Streams in the Desert. My mom gave me a copy for my birthday in 2008. I have cherished it ever since!




Streams in the Desert by LB Cowman, became my favorite devotional when I received it as a birthday present in 2008.

Since then, it has broadened my hope in God,

helped my faith to grow,

and given me a deeper understanding of Scripture.

You can get your own copy of this devotional.

Streams in the Desert

Basket and Wild Flowers
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