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11 Tips For Married Couples Going On A Cruise

Travel in Style and Confidence

If you read my blog post, 25 Years Under the Same Umbrella you would’ve read about our 25th wedding anniversary, and since it was our 25th anniversary - and the day we were married on was February 25th, we felt incredibly justified to celebrate this special occasion on a lavish cruise. 

Plan Your Cruise Without Delay

So, we found out thinking about taking a cruise and planning a cruise are two completely different things. How do we plan it? What cruise line should we take? Where do we to embark? What ports should we visit? SO many questions… and finding the answers to these questions were becoming too stressful, and at the end of the day, neither my husband nor I wanted to think hard about it. 


The year was ticking away, and still no cruise tickets were purchased. Then, our adult son turned to us and said, “Your 25th anniversary is coming up in a few months and I will be very upset if you guys don’t do something big to celebrate.”

So, needless to say, our son's words kind of got the ball rolling. Up to that point, neither of us had been on a cruise before so we didn't know where to begin. We looked up cruises here and there, but my searches went nowhere and our questions went unanswered, so our plans never got off the ground.

Call Your Travel Agent Now

Yup, our plans went nowhere, until one day at work, I was telling my boss about our desire to take a cruise for our 25th wedding anniversary and how we were having a hard time figuring things out, and he said, “Hey, call my travel agent, she is super cool to work with and she will hook you guys up.” He texted me her number, and I gave her a call.


We had an appointment with her the next day!


The funny thing is, we never even considered going through a travel agent! But, this became the best decision ever! It totally took all the pressure off of planning and this is really what we needed. Our lives are crazy busy, running the church and working 9am -5pm and we just needed someone to say, “Here are your tickets, go have fun!”


After a 10 minute meeting with her at a local Tim Horton’s, she hooked us up, just like predicted, and within 1 day - we had plans to go on a 7 day cruise on the NEW Sky Princess, heading to the Western Caribbean Islands!


We only had a couple of questions to answer and presto! All done! Just like that! It was so easy! Too easy! Do you want to know why? Because now that we are home, my husband is saying, “Hey, call that travel agent again, and let’s line up another cruise!” Can we afford another cruise again this year?!! Haha! NO! But it sure is fun to talk about! And now we know the planning is easy too!


We had a wonderful time, and created great memories. Below is a picture of our cruise ship from the shore of the Cayman Islands.

Keep reading for our Must-Read 11 Tips Before Taking Your Next Cruise!

Sunny Bahama beach with turquoise waters

The time of our lives was had on this trip and I’m still gushing about it! It was super exciting and adventurous and I’m so thankful for the people that played a role in helping us put this trip together! While our adventure was all fun, new and exciting, there were things I would not do again, and there are things I would definitely do again!


With that in mind, I put together 11 Tips to help me remember, and also to pass on to others who are thinking about travelling on a cruise. I guess, the first and foremost tip already mentioned is: hire a travel agent - it is well worth the extra $ and saves you a lot of grief.

1. Buy WIFI Service!

Yes! Buy WIFI service the first day of the trip! Why? Because the cruise lines usually offer a good deal on this first day aboard ship. So, be sure to take advantage of this! 


The cost for WIFI will sky rocket throughout the week, as we found out unfortunately, and believe me, you will want to touch base with family and friends back home by the 3rd day aboard ship.


So, don’t be like us when you hear about the WIFI fee on that first day, and think, “Hey, we are on vacation, we don’t mind severing communication from home for a week, because there is no way we will pay that fee for WIFI!”


Well, those feelings change with each passing day.


It just seemed absurd to dish out money for WIFI! But, trust me, buy it on the first day. We ended up paying an arm and a leg just to text my son about remembering to give the pets food and water.

2. Bring a Sunhat!

OK, this I did, but I wanted to make sure I listed it as a tip because there were several ladies aboard the ship that wished they had brought one.


Thankfully, I read this tip online the night before we left, and I persuaded my husband to stop at a local TJ Maxx on our way to the airport, where I purchased a wide-brimmed hat and a big pair of sunglasses. Which were life savers for me BTW. I would’ve been miserable without them. Check out wide-brimmed sun hats here.


Literally, I wore my sunhat all day at the beach and while reading on the balcony and while sitting by the pool on the deck -it saved my face and neck from the burning heat of the sun - while still absorbing vitamin D in the sunshine!

3. Get a Room with a View!

Boy, are we glad we listened to our travel agent!


Wow! Is all I can say about this. Our stay on the ship would not have been the same without this beautiful view of the sky, ocean and ports right from the comforts of our room.


This was our first cruise experience and I can’t even imagine having a room without a view! We woke up to a beautiful sunrise on our first morning and ordered room service every morning after that, thinking, “This is life worth living!!” 


Coffee and breakfast came right to our door and we sat out on the balcony whispering a ‘"thank you" across the waves to our travel agent. 


She pushed us to spend the extra money for the balcony -  and we were glad we did!


Oh, by the way, just a little word of precaution - be careful of the other people who may be sitting out on their balcony as well…


You may not be able to see them - but they are there... sitting behind the privacy wall separating your balcony views...


We found this out when my husband asked me a question, and the lady next to us (hidden behind the privacy wall) answered his question.


We learned real fast that the privacy wall wasn’t so private after all. LOL


After that, we were very careful of what we said!

4. Bring Several Bathing Suits.

Yes, this was a biggie for me. I actually read this tip online.  So, I brought about 3-4 bathing suits for a 7 day cruise. "What?!" you are probably thinking, but believe me, you will use them all!

Also, stop being so skimpy, and buy a couple of new bathing suits! And a cute wrap as well!


You will thank me when you are walking out on the pool deck donning your new sunhat, swimsuit and wrap.


Looking back at pictures of our trip, I’m kicking myself for bringing along my 10 year-old bathing suit. What is wrong with me?! Why do I still have this in my possession?! I actually wore it on one of our port days! And I have a picture of me wearing it memorializing my embarrassment!


Thankfully I redeemed myself by sporting my new bathing suits in other photos of momentous port days. Goodness gracious, please buy new bathing suits! And don't take any old ones! I’m so thankful I did!


Oh, by the way, DO NOT be scared to sport your bathing suit in public! Not on a cruise anyways!


In the ‘cruise world,’ everything is glossed over with an air of nonchalance and there is no shame when it comes to wearing a swimsuit at the beach, or on the pool deck. For guys or girls.


I say this respectfully. People acted very mature. I’m not saying people pranced around strutting their stuff, and no one cared, I’m saying people respected one another and didn't stare.


The general consensus was, "We are on vacation and we aren't going to let flabby thighs ruin our time!"


In fact, I was really impressed with people. They didn’t care about being judged in the least, and they weren’t looking to judge others either. They just wanted to enjoy their cruise.


The mindset was, you don’t know anyone, and you will never see these people again. Be polite, mind your own business, and don’t be ashamed of what kind of shape you are in, just enjoy the moment. 


My husband and I had gone to the gym 3 times a week for 6 weeks before the cruise, and got fake tans because we wanted to look our best. Which is all good and dandy, but no one cared but us!

Shop Modest Stylish Bathing Suits

5. Bring Hair Clips!

Oh my goodness! No one ever told me how windy it is on a cruise ship! 


My first awareness of my mistake, was when we were waving goodbye to the shoreline and my hair was flying all over the place. "Uh Oh," I thought. I didn't bring any bobby pins or hair clips with me!


It’s a real bummer when your long bangs, or even your whole head of hair is whipping all around, getting in your eyes and mouth while you are trying to enjoy the view, eat, or talk.


So, I recommend bringing hair clips, bobby pins, or hoodies to keep your hair tame in the wind. 


Some women were even using bandannas or head wraps to keep their hair tucked away neatly. So consider this when packing.

6. Wear Make-Up Girl!

This lesson wasn’t learned until the 3rd day of the cruise, but at least it was learned!


One afternoon, while walking the ship with my husband, I happened to glance at myself in one of the wall mirrors. Shock came over me as I took in my disheveled, makeup-less appearance. 


In that moment I realized I usually put more effort into looking good for my workday then I was putting into looking good for my cruise. 


Yes, I was on vacation. I have every right to let my looks go a bit, don’t I? You know, take a vacation from your everyday routine? 


But, when I saw my reflection in the mirror, I realized I needed to put some care and attention into my looks on this fancy trip of a lifetime. Here I am with my husband, "Shouldn’t I want to look my best for him? And look good for pictures too?"


So, I stepped up my game and put my best foot forward.


And you know what? It made me feel good and heightened my experience.


I was happier and more bubbly because I felt pretty and done up in a special way. 


So, spending a little time on makeup and your looks will go a long way!

Plus, we walked away with some awesome photos from our trip!

7. Be on Your Best Behavior!

Make sure you are on your best behavior at all times,  because someone may be watching you!

On our last night of the cruise, a lady approached me at our dinner table and asked if we were from Michigan! Both my husband and I were stunned at first, and then floored when she asked if my name was Angie!

Read about our life in Michigan.

As I answered, "Y-e-s" very slowly, with a weird quizzical look about my face. She then told me she remembered working with me at McDonald's in Michigan 27 years ago!

"At first," she said, "I wasn't sure it was you, but I've been watching you guys all week, and you guys are so cute! I saw you get off at the ports and what activities you did, but I still wasn't sure it was you until tonight. Then, when I saw you come into the restaurant, I knew for sure it was you."

Of course, once she said she had worked with me at McDonald's, I knew exactly who she was - but I would've never picked her out in what, 4,500 people on the ship?!

So, a word of caution please - always, always be on your best behavior aboard any cruise ship! Someone may be watching you!!

Or, listening to your conversation behind the privacy wall - LOL!

So be careful what you say and do!

8. Bring Games!

Man, was I bummed out I hadn’t listened to my inner voice and grabbed some card games before we left!


So many people were hanging out all over the ship, playing one card game or another. Some had set up a Monopoly game, Scrabble, and even Banana Grams!


I was jealous.


Having cards, or a game to play sure would’ve helped pass the time on those ‘at-sea’ days, because if you don’t gamble, drink, or dance there isn’t much to do except sleep, swim, eat, or watch a movie.


**Also, if you think you don’t have any room for games in your suitcase, might I suggest you leave your blow dryer, soap and shampoo at home. These items are supplied in your room!

9. Bring a Sweater or Jacket!

So, you think you are going to a warm, Caribbean climate? Right? And you don’t need to pack a jacket? LOL!


Think again!


It gets SUPER cold and windy in the evening on the ship, and especially on those overcast days when the sun doesn’t shine.


When you are on a cruise, you are out on the open ocean, travelling very fast. There is bound to be some breeze.


We saw several people walking around with blankets or beach towels wrapped around them trying to stay warm, it broke my heart.


Fortunately, before we left, somebody told me about bringing a light jacket or a sweater, and both me and my husband heeded their advice. Whew! Super glad we did!


Yesterday, I was telling a coworker about being cold on the cruise, and how surprised we were that we were actually cold in the Caribbean, and I could tell he was hardly believing me. 


His first cruise sets sail next month and he is going with his wife and another couple, so I was giving him some tips. I hope he listens to my advice - brrrr… he will be cold if he doesn't!

10. Go With Another Couple!

Yes, we had a great time together, and we would do it all over again too, but, it would’ve been super fun to have another couple, or even our adult kids accompany us. Just to add to the fun, you know? More people to laugh with, to visit with, play games with, walk around the ship with, share the adventure with… etc.

If, and when there is a next time for us, we will surely be looking for some company. 

11. Buy Cruise Pictures!


Don't disembark the ship without purchasing cruise pictures!! We almost didn't spend the extra $100 - and we would've walked off the ship without these precious keepsakes! Those photos would've been gone forever!

The cruise ship has crew members taking pictures of you everywhere. Just remember to always be smiling! Which wasn't hard for us to do!

We were able to pick 5 of our favorite pictures and I've added some to this post, along with a few cool photos my husband took of our adventure! 

Oh, the Fun!

So glad we put forth the effort and actually did something big for our anniversary. I think that is kind of the big thrill we have about it all. We actually did it! We actually planned something big - and did it! Well, our travel agent planned it, but WE did it!

You can do it too! Call your local travel agent today and book that cruise you have been wanting to take! You will thank me when you do!

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Pastor Aaron and Angie enjoy a cruise together

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