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Sharing the Joy of Christian Living: My Passion and Ministry

I have been blessed with a generous and giving heart, inspired by the Lord, and I am always delighted to share my knowledge and experiences in the field of Christian living. Working alongside my husband, who is a pastor, we have had the privilege of ministering together for many years. My ministry includes playing piano for church services and teaching Sunday school. Beyond church activities, I also work as an administrative assistant for a local contractor, enjoy creating digital art and acrylic paintings, bargain-hunt at thrift stores and garage sales, read books, spend quality time with my two grandsons, and most importantly, spend quality time reading my Bible every morning. You can read more about my life, interests, and hobbies, here: About the Founder.

My heart spills over with the abundance of truths that have been revealed to me from God's Word. These blog posts are testaments to the power of faith at work in my heart and its ability to transform my life.  And it can transform your life too! As you follow my month-to-month journey, I share my most vulnerable encounters with people and how the Lord helps me overcome them through His grace. 


The Lord has opened my eyes to see how much I need Him to be apart of my every day life. There is such an extreme difference in my day when I do not commit my ways to Him. I need His peace and direction, and above all, I need His presence to be within me. All of us experience ups and downs in life and women can understand other women's highs and lows. That is why I share the things I do, so my readers can see themselves in my shoes, and understand, we have a Heavenly Father who loves us and cares for us so very much. He wants to be a part of our day, but He will only give you as much as you want. His Word says, "Draw near to me, and I will draw near to you."

Will you draw near to Him today? Will you give Him some of your precious time? He has so much to offer us.

Browse the most recent blog posts below. If you are looking for a previous blog post you read before, it may have been archived already, but look for it to be released in eBook format soon!

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You can read more about why I started this website, here: Why I Started a Blog for Christian Women

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