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Best Spiritual Habits
for Christian Women

Shine Bright with God's Spirit

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Good Habits for Spiritual Growth

My Sun & Shade Ministries seeks to bless and encourage the hearts of Christian women in all stages of life. Whether you are a life-long Christian, or a newly saved Christian, you can find strength and encouragement here. Our main goal, is to push the concept of reading the Bible every day. Only then, can a Christian woman grow spiritually strong. Something happens to our hearts and minds when we take in God's Holy Word. It enlarges our capacity to understand spiritual matters. The peace of God can enter in. Hope can fill us. Self-confidence can be heightened. We begin to find purpose as a Christian woman. We begin to believe that all things work together for those who love God and are called according to His purposes. When this spiritual growth begins to happen, we can become a shining example of God's goodness and glory to everyone we meet.

15 Ways to Shine Your Light

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Illuminate Your Soul

Build Faith and Gain Knowledge of God's Ways

There is no other way to build faith and gain knowledge of God's ways except by spending time in God's Holy Word. If you are a believer and understand what God is all about, then you already know that God's Word, The Holy Bible, is a Christian's manual for life. The Word of God is also called our Daily Bread, for we live out faith by receiving its contents every day. The Bible is where a Christian man or woman gains knowledge of God, His ways, and how to live a righteous life.

A Christian woman cannot grow and develop into a spiritually strong individual without this daily nourishment for soul and spirit. Are you hungry for truth? Are you sick of lies and living in sin? Might I recommend spending some time in the Holy written Word of God? The written Word of God (The Holy Bible) has the power to cleanse anyone from sin and unrighteousness. Start in Psalm Chapter 1, verse 1, and read about the man who has God's favor and blessing. This man, does not listen to the counsel of sinners, nor defends them, but his delight is in the law of the Lord, and he meditates on the Word of God day and night. This chapter in the Book of Psalms goes on to tell us, "he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water that bringeth forth his fruit in his season, and whatsoever he doeth will prosper."

Would you like this blessing on your life? Would you like to prosper in your season of life? Start here, by reading about God's love for you, then, consider educating yourself on how to live a righteous and holy life before God and others.


We offer a wide range of spiritual resources to help believers grow in faith and gain the knowledge needed to develop a relationship with the Lord. Our blog posts, articles, and Christian lifestyle tips, are living proof of God's Word and God's Spirit working in the lives of Christian women, marriages and families.

Zion Christian Publishers has a wide selection of reading material for any stage of Christian development. Visit their website here: Zion Christian Publishers. I completely trust every book and resource available from this publisher, as I have been a dedicated member of Zion Fellowship International for 35 years, and know and respect all the teachers who've written books and articles from the divine revelation of God's Word.

Members of My Sun & Shade Ministries can access FREE Bible worksheets, coloring pages, prayer cards, and personal growth checklists for spiritual development in all ages.

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Blessings from Spending Time in God's Word

Bless your soul, and make reading your Bible an every day occurrence! This can be a new routine that turns into a great habit! You will set yourself up for a rewarding spiritual journey! Whether you are free in the morning versus the evening, it doesn't matter, just find a good time that works for you, and spend a few moments in the Word of God every day.

Why should you want to give your precious time to God's Word? Because God's spirit will then be at work within you and His power will revitalize your life, renew your hope, and help you gain lost ground.

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Receive God's Spirit

My prayer is that you will receive God's Spirit when reading the Word of God and grow in wisdom and understanding, so you can apply God's holy truths to your life. May you experience the peace of God, and know the love of God, and find confidence in your holy calling as a Christian woman.

God Loves You


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Blessings from spending time in God's word
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