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21 Prayer Prompts 
for Hurting Hearts

Search Me O God, and Renew a Right Spirit in Me, Restore Unto Me the Joy of Your Salvation

  1. Pray the Lord touches your heart with healing.

  2. Ask the Lord for a forgiving heart.

  3. Pray the Lord allows forgiveness to flow through you unto others.

  4. Pray the Lord gives you strength to release these hurts from your spirit.

  5. Pray the Lord gives you grace to forgive others you have held captive in your spirit through unforgiveness.

  6. Ask the Lord to remove the memories of these hurtful events.

  7. Pray the Lord gives you a "Holy Manasseh" to forgive and forget what has been done.

  8. Ask the Lord to restore the joy of your salvation.

  9. Ask the Lord to be there in your time of need.

  10. Ask the Lord to strengthen your heart so you can fulfill what He has called you to do.

  11. Pray the Lord grants you a holy acceptance of circumstances.

  12. Pray the Lord gives you a purpose to keep moving forward.

  13. Pray the Lord helps you overcome reoccurring thoughts that bind and torment you.

  14. Pray you find a well spring of joy as you surrender these hurtful thoughts to the Lord.

  15. Pray the Lord moves on your behalf and grants you peace.

  16. Pray the Lord teaches you how to pray for those who have hurt you.

  17. Pray the Lord surrounds you with His loving kindness and gives you comfort.

  18. Pray you come to know the Lord as your Prince of Peace.

  19. Pray the Lord goes before you and blesses your days.

  20. Pray for encouragement to live the way the Lord desires you to live.

  21. Pray for a desire to bring glory to the Lord in all you do.

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My Sun & Shade Ministries is a creative platform that aims to ignite passion for life in women of all ages through Christian blog posts and prayers. As a pastor's wife, I understand the importance of living each day full of purpose and the utmost importance of self-reflection and appreciating life lessons.

My blog posts and prayers are designed to give women hope for their future and keys to a happy life centered in Christ. If you're looking for an encouraging and uplifting way to start your day, then My Sun & Shade Ministries is the perfect place to look!

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From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the LORD'S name should be praised, Psalm 113:3.

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